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Yellowstone/Grand Teton Country And My Dance With Bison

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I’ve spent large chunks of the past twenty summers measuring, studying, and authoring research papers on Yellowstone’s vegetation and ecology, principally on the Northern Range between Mammoth Hot Springs and Pebble Creek. My research involves lots of hiking and aspen stand measurements, but I also try to carve out time each summer for exploration. I’ve kayaked and canoed many area rivers over the years, and favorites include the Madison, the “town run” on the Yellowstone, the Henry’s Fork, and the Buffalo. This year I’ve brought my Oru Beach LT to explore the waters of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park.

“Oooh, an Oru Kayak!” exclaimed the Aquatic Invasives tech as I opened the back of my truck at the Grand Teton National Park Moose entrance station. “My Dad has one and he loves it!”

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