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Why Choose Aim Cam?

Aim Cam
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AimCam has been engineered to allow you to capture footage essentially as your eye sees it, our fully adjustable camera system allows you to specifically calibrate the AimCam camera for any line of sight, firearm, stance or mount rpcrt4.dll 다운로드. Typically, wide-angle head, cap or helmet cameras (GoPro) have a skewed angle as they are not adjustable, also the wide angle makes everything appear much further away Download cellular data. We have designed the lenses of our 1080P full HD micro camera to reflect the same field of view as the human eye creating a much more immersive video experience Download canon variations.

Unlike under barrel cameras, AimCam allows you to capture your true sight picture, you do not shoot your firearm from under the barrel you shoot from your eye, so your camera system should reflect this Fairy Fairy of the Forest. Under barrel cameras will only allow you to safely capture footage as you aim and/or when you take your shot.

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