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What’s Your Off-Grid Cooking Style?

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For some people, food is merely fuel; for others, it’s an integral part of their outdoor experience. Some folks love a big breakfast; others grab a Clif bar and save their big meal for dinnertime.

What’s great, is that when it comes to cooking in the outdoors, there is no right or wrong option to choose from. It’s just about what is important to you. Below we’ve gathered 3 common types of cooks you’ll find on the trail and outlined how each cooking style impacts your meal planning.

Michael is an adventurer who recently completed his first thru hike of the JMT and is currently a planning another backpacking trip to Kesugi Ridge in Alaska. His trips often require food to be carried for multiple days and miles before they get eaten so when it comes to meal prep, Michael says, “efficiency is king.

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