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Ways To Make Money On A Homestead

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Homesteading can be a wonderful but time-consuming adventure. A fully functioning homestead often needs one or both spouses working at it full time. My husband and I both work off of the homestead varying hours which creates a whole other level of stress, and if we are being honest, limits the amount of projects we can pursue right now.

Another honest confession, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and saving money from thrift shops and searching sales. We always buy used vehicles and I LOVE a good deal (I’m looking at you Craig’s List!), but I don’t think I’m a true frugal at heart. I love saving money but there are also some expensive things I really enjoy. And these things cost money!

If you need more money, you either have to save it or make it. Therefore, if I’m ever to be at the homestead full time, I have to make it productive. There are a number of ways to make money on a homestead that will allow you to live the life you dream about.

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