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How to Choose a Firearm

Selecting Firearms for Survival

For those that are thinking about buying their very first firearm for self-defense, the number one thing you really want to do, prior to running to a gun shop or even searching on the internet, is to stop and consider for a moment the following question.

Will you be able to pull the trigger if you have to? Can you take another human life if the situation justifies it? This is a question you need to ask and answer truthfully, before you take another step towards owning a firearm. If you have any concerns right now regarding whether or not you could potentially take another human life, should you be involved in a life threatening situation, those uncertainties will most likely be intensified and amplified under a maximum stress event.

Most of the time people respond to extremely stressful scenarios much differently than the way they expect they would. Certain individuals will “lock up”, conceal themselves, or possibly flee. Their entire “flight or fight” factor kicks in. Regrettably for the majority of individuals, they will not discover how they will respond until the situation is occurring. As mentioned previously, any uncertainties now are an effective indication of what a person will probably do under those circumstances.

Some people erroneously believe that simply having a gun, and “flashing” it at the appropriate moment will prevent them from having to take a life. This is a bad idea and could not be further from the truth. Although the mere display of a firearm is in many cases occasion enough to dispatch a criminal, truth be told there are instances in which the display of a firearm will intensify the situation. The dangerous individual might decide to try and steal it from you, or even worse, they could draw out their firearm. In such a scenario, chances are better than average that they WILL squeeze the trigger resulting in an extremely dreadful day for you. Therefore, if you are not relatively certain you could squeeze the trigger if you had to, you ought to seriously reevaluate whether or not to invest in a firearm.

Moving Forward with the Decision Making Process

First off, ascertain exactly what type of firearm you need. Do you want a handgun that you can easily conceal for self-protection? Are you considering a shotgun? Long gun? Determine out precisely what your justifications are for owning a weapon, and decide to go from there. Truth be told there are advantages and disadvantages to any and all, therefore YOU need to decide what is ideal for you.

Hand guns tend to be a great deal easier to keep hidden. Rifles tend to be a great deal better for shooting at a long distance. Shotguns tend to be the most adaptable. Establish what you need, and exactly what does function for you depending upon your circumstances.

Now you may have seen a variety of YouTube video clips, or even browsed different reports advising people exactly what weapons they require for home security or as a prepper. These folks might tell people what calibers (bullet dimensions) they ought to buy or to stay away from. Toss that advice in the trash. Whenever it involves guns or calibers, what is most significant is what a person feels comfortable with. A 44 magnum will not do a person very much good if the weapon is unmanageable, the recoil is too substantial for them, or they just do not become confident with it.

As soon as you have come to the position where you become fairly sure of what you need and are prepared to proceed to a firearm store, allow me to offer a couple of recommendations. The very first subject I’d mention is to purchase a brand new firearm. Although there tend to be a surplus of top quality firearms that are used and certainly less expensive, truth be told there are also a surplus of unethical sellers out there. Indeed, there may be problems or issues with the firearm which you are not necessarily conscious of. They might be tiny enough that the inexperienced eye might not discover them. Therefore, until you acquire additional knowledge and understand everything to search for, we would definitely adhere to buying something brand new.

Additionally, the majority of guns come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Make certain to inquire about this whenever buying. If anything goes wrong with the firearm, it can easily be repaired or exchanged normally at the manufacturer’s cost. However, with a used firearm, the product warranty may be terminated. Or perhaps the past owner did something to the gun that voids the product warranty. Certain firearm customizations can invalidate a product warranty on a weapon.

My favorite final tip is this; practice! Just because a person has made an acquisition they are pleased with, and was able to place a few bullets down range without shooting their eye out does not indicate they are ready to go. People will need to develop their level of expertise. They do this by investing time at the range training.

Keep in mind when we mentioned about not really discovering how you will react in a maximum stress scenario? Actually training and repetition assist with establishing self-confidence. These things will assist in determining exactly how you will respond in case you discover yourself in a life endangering situation.

Buying a gun can feel like an overwhelming process. We hope by reading this one feels a little bit more confident.

Additional Considerations

Essentially, there is no such thing as the ideal survival firearm and everybody is permitted to arm themselves in the way they deem most fit. With that said, the survival firearm must be capable of executing with lethal effect as soon as called upon in an emergency situation. Although there is no ideal survival firearm, truth be told there is also no solitary firearm that works best for each and every sort of person and degree of training.

Although an able-bodied mature male ought to be capable to managing most typical handguns, shotguns, and rifles, the same cannot usually be said of females and small children. Many older people and handicap individual are at greater disadvantage when it involves arming themselves.

All hand-held items such as knives, bats, and pepper spray can easily be used with relative simplicity by the inexperienced, they can also be utilized against you if stolen away by an adversary. Consequently, everybody in your group, young and old, capable of understanding exactly how to utilize a firearm properly and effectively should give consideration to doing so.


In an emergency situation, the gun might be the piece of gear that establishes whether you survive or kick the bucket. Not only can it be utilized to protect you, your family members, and your residential property against other people that want everything you own, but also for hunting, to place meals on the dining table whenever any other food supplies run dry.

A weapon adorned with extravagant optics and rail components does not necessarily produce something that will shoot accurately every time you squeeze the trigger, as is its specified function.  Normally, a more conventional firearm, devoid of all the bells and whistles will provide you with the best for both hunting and self-protection purposes.

When a firearm will continue to shoot immediately after dropping of a ledge, getting dragged through mud, or while it is pouring down rain, it is a dependable weapon.  If you can only own one firearm for survival, you need it to be a system that will fire with the same precision directly out of the box as well as immediately following a year accumulating dust in storage.


A gun lacking ammo is actually nothing more than the best paperweight, as is a damaged firearm lacking spare components.  For those reasons, a survival firearm should not be something rare which calls for the use of exclusive or difficult to find ammunition.

The more popular, and cost-effective, the firearm and its ammo, the better opportunity you have to stockpile additional components and rounds prior to WROL, and the more probable you will be to find replacement components and functional ammunition in the wake of a catastrophe.

That is the reason why many recommend the benefit of the .22 LR for overall survival usage.  Their prevalent popularity during periods of peace translates to the circulation of a surplus of ammunition and replacement components when catastrophe occurs, however this also pertains to 9mm and 30-06 ammunition as well. No matter which firearm you choose, be certain it is something you can easily afford to switch out, repair, and shoot at any given time.

Size & Weight Considerations

Plainly put, a bigger and heavier gun is less adaptable and less practical in an emergency situation. Although scoped bolt-action rifles, as well as large bore long barreled shotguns, are capable of delivering intense firepower, they are essentially too bulky and awkward to be utilized for self-defense or home protection in many situations.

Regardless of whether your gun of preference is a handgun, shotgun, or rifle, your choice ought to be portable, lightweight, as well as easy to carry, draw, and fire both out on the journey and in the rooms of your residence. When you discover yourself on the move, you will undoubtedly be burdened by the weight of the drinking water, meals, and other crucial resources you must bring.

Not to mention that as the caliber of a firearm raises, the quantity of ammunition you can easily maintain on your person lessens, as they too are heavier. As long as it offers adequate put-down power for hunting and self-defense, compact is actually much better anytime it comes to survival.


The firearm must be trustworthy and shoot each and every time a person aims at a target and squeezes the trigger, while doing so ought to be fairly simple.

The procedure of loading and removing ammunition, operating the safety, and squeezing the trigger should really be so effortless that a 9-year-old can manage it with ease. Although it is up to you to determine when to educate your kids about firearm safety, you do not know when you might need to arm the members of your group, young people included, for the benefit of security.

Groups with young kids need to think about maintaining their firearms unloaded and stored independently from the ammo at all times to prevent mishaps, especially if the kids are not properly qualified. However, the firearms should always be kept in such a manner that they will be easy to reach, load, and make use of for security in a moment’s notice.


If at all possible you will be in the position to arm yourself with the best layered security using some mix of a pistol, shotgun, and rifle. However, in case you have to choose just one, it must be something which will be practical for an assortment of prepper necessities, security and hunting included. Towards that outcome, the firearm you use to take down elk in Alaska will probably not be the same firearm you would need to protect your house or condo.

In a disaster scenario, you rarely find out just what your adversary is likely to appear as or exactly how many of them you will encounter. Consequently, a person might not evaluate the range to their adversary until they are looking them in the face or receiving incoming fire.

Regardless of whether you are safeguarding the residential perimeter or defending the group while on the walk, the appropriate survival firearm must be suitable for putting down targets in tight quarters as well as at extended range.

When a firearm adheres to the attributes mentioned earlier, it can potentially be regarded practical for use in an emergency situation.  Each additional firearm you are able to take and range-test prior to selecting a go-to, the more informed you will be, which will in turn allow you to make a wiser purchasing decision. You seldom know when you will need to rely upon this choice for your personal survival.

Ultimately, a firearm is only as effective as the individual firing it. If a person does not invest the time to master how to correctly and safely maintain and shoot their firearm, it may very well be more of a burden than an advantage.

Survival Rifles and Shotguns

Initially, survival rifles were developed and manufactured for individuals placed in an incredible situation wherein the primary goal was merely to endure until rescued. They were primarily intended for the aviators of wrecked aircraft and individuals marooned in the backwoods. They were streamlined, compact and usually collapsible and yet could assist the trapped aviator hunt for game and protect themselves until they made it to safety or ended up being rescued. These happened to be the very best rifles applied to emergency scenarios.

Thanks to enhanced reality based television type documentaries there is an image of intense preppers and survivalist personas who are obsessed with guns, weapons and other such security equipment. Nevertheless, what you do not observe is the genuine procedure of preparing for a temporary crisis TEOTWAWKI type situation. In addition to objects which are definitely essential to sustain you and your family members, the rifle is usually going to be your very best friend in circumstances of complete chaos.

It is additionally essential to have the knowledge necessary for what your end objective is based on whether or not you are preparing in advance or perhaps responding to an unexpected emergency, preferably the former. At the least complicated stage, everybody ought to possess fundamental first aid training and practical hunting and shooting education.

Anytime conversation involves long guns, personal preferences are split between shotguns and rifles. Shotguns tend to be durable and manufactured to be a practical basic firearm. They are available in either single or double barrel varieties, which offer either a solitary or double shot. They can utilize a wide assortment of ammo, which is great for supply and cost efficiency. Shotguns tend to be commonly utilized for hunting as well as target training, however, self-loading varieties have been manufactured with personal security in mind. The appeal of shotguns derives from their particular potential to provide optimum power in tight quarters, despite their absence of accuracy.

Rifles, on the other hand, were manufactured with an opposing objective in mind. They are a great deal more accurate and useful for long distance shooting. The rifle is designated so due to the fact of the rifling in the barrel. This rifling forces the round to rotate as it transfers through the barrel subsequently at the moment it exits the firearm it has a a considerable amount of twist, which in turn renders more precise travel.

Shotguns possess a smooth barrel and therefore do not provide the reach of the rifle, which is more appropriate if you really want to maintain extended distance between yourself and an assailant, or do not really want to frighten away game by getting in close proximity. Basically, shotguns are designed for pointing, rifles are designed for targeting.

The rifle also rests in the shoulder as well as having to be operated by both hands or perhaps even on a platform or rest under certain circumstances. Subsequently, rifles are a great deal lighter when compared with shotguns. Therefore, if you need to haul it for extended stretches it is not really going to weigh quite as much.

How to Make the Best Survival Rifle Choice

Now exactly how does a person determine the very best long gun for emergency scenarios?

  1. Knowledge – in the event that you are an absolute novice or inexperienced you will certainly need to begin with something less complicated and much lighter. Generally speaking something in the .22 caliber range is advisable as these are excellent for training on, cost efficient and several manufacturers offer them.
  2. Usage and upkeep – You may want a rifle that is not really too complicated to make use of; easier is more beneficial. When you acquire more knowledge you can start to become more complicated. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you care for your rifle and yet again a painless to protect rifle is a lot more likely to be looked after than anything that calls for more complicated procedures.
  3. Use – precisely what will you be utilizing your weapon for, what is the purpose? In the event that you are simply making use of it for hunting, the larger the wildlife, the heavier the caliber required. If it turns out it is for long range security and survival, military style rifles as well as semi-automatic rifles are effective. Truth be told there are also a few smaller choices that function very well for reduced range hunting. Additionally, do not forget to give consideration to ammunition availability.
  4. Expense – What can you pay for and what are you prepared to invest? What you actually have to consider at this point is how large a caliber you need to have as well as exactly what other attributes you want incorporated. Do not overlook ammunition price either.

Nonetheless, most of this will not mean very much if you do not also invest the time to train and practice. You will need to be in a position to train a lot so that you are confident with both operating and maintaining your weapon. In the event that you go with something easy at this point, which is not a great deal of trouble or energy and effort for your capability, then it will certainly be more enjoyable and you will be prepared to continue with training. Easier firearms are normally more reasonably priced, as is the necessary ammo, which will also be a significant variable in the volume of training you can possibly manage.

Modern Day Marvels Recommended by Preppers & Survivalists

Although survival rifles continue to be available for this particular purpose, the modern-day movement of survivalists and off grid enthusiasts frequently referred to as preppers, has broadened what will make an effective rifle for emergency scenarios. There are also compact, collapsible solutions that do very well for security in metropolitan settings and shooting of smaller wildlife, however this now also consists of a few larger and improved rifles for shooting larger wildlife and/or protecting a much larger location.

In the event that you really want to find out about the very best survival rifles it is an effective strategy to pay attention to the assistance of preppers as they have invested a great deal of time evaluating a variety of rifles and comparing assorted aspects such as ease of usage, add on attributes, dependability, price and availability of ammo and components.

A few of the different rifles manufactured with survival in mind consist of the M4 survival rifle, which was actually manufactured during the course of the Second World War for downed aviators. This ended up being a compact .22-caliber rifle and only about fourteen inches in length. Within the mid-20th century the M4 ended up being replaced by the M6 Aircrew Survival rifle. Significant regarding this particular firearm was that it could collapse in half, which is essential in restricted storage space on an airplane.

Yet another prominent survival rifle ended up being the AR 5. It was extremely lightweight, manufactured out of aluminum and plastic, and conveniently kept in limited spaces. The most useful survival attribute, however, ended up being that all the working components could be dismantled and kept in the stock. Enclosed like this, the firearm could even float. Originating from the AR 5, the AR 7 was then designed which is actually still in use in modern times by hikers, backpackers and additional recreational owners.

Presently, the rifle favored by the United States armed forces is the M16, which was actually developed by the same guy that developed the AR 7, Eugene Stoner. It initially came into the United States military during the course of the Vietnam conflict and since then it has come to be the United States military’s active standard service rifle. It can easily be used at either very long distances or close quarters as tight as 15 meters.

Then again, to perform this, the operator must in fact aim above the adversary as the line of sight is just a little above the bore. These additionally permit the inclusion of a variety of scopes based on use incorporating forward sight, rear sight and also minimum light scopes that incorporate reflective components for glow-in-the-dark vision.

Aside from application in the armed forces, the M16 is also obtainable by civilians and can easily make use of more standard ammunition making it a lot more economical to continue operating. As a basic rule of thumb, rifles utilized by the military and/or comparable in style tend to be the better options for survival usage. This is due to the fact they have a tendency to be intensely tested, more sturdy, reasonably accurate, dependable and they use standard ammo. This means you will have a surplus of ammo in an unexpected emergency situation which is incredibly important when the entire world gets upside down in an extremely quick course of time.

For all around adaptability, convenience of use and cost efficiency quite a few preppers consider the Ruger 10/22. This is actually quite astonishing as it is such a smaller caliber weapon, strictly .22. It is a straight forward firearm that is effortless to practice with, simple to make use of and effortless to maintain.

Nevertheless, as any genuine prepper (and not simply firearm enthusiast) will declare, anytime it comes to emergency scenarios this can get you through a catastrophe. There is certainly not as much power however you continue to get very good distance and accuracy. This particular rifle may well be small in caliber, however whenever you actually just want to survive, small game and birds will manage just fine for any sort of meal. Furthermore, with simplicity of use and cost efficiency, in both the firearm and ammo, you will be in a position to get a ton of training in.

The AK-47 is one of the more commonly used rifles in the world and very easily the most identifiable in aesthetics and name alike. This firearm was essentially developed over 60 years ago and it was manufactured with endurance in mind. It is actually manufactured with loosely installed moving components so that it maintains the potential to withstand a lot of tear, wear and punishment. This is the primary reason why this particular weapon is recognized all over the world in a variety of situations, circumstances and environments.

Nevertheless, using a 60-year-old design it does not possess the equivalent accuracy as its contemporary counterparts. The firearm was actually developed to endure conflicts after conflicts however it does not perform very well on targeting. Then again once you consider that it has a greater quantity of bullets in its magazine and a better rate of fire, this makes up for its reduced accuracy. Furthermore, the AK-47 is reasonably priced and the ammo is universally available and inexpensive in comparison to some other top-quality rifles in the marketplace.

One of the most frequently used rifles around the globe is the AR-15, or the “Black Rifle”, and it is utilized by the United States armed forces and law enforcement. It is also perhaps the most preferred amongst preppers – at minimum there appears to be an overall opinion that this firearm is favored. As it is a popular preference among rifles, they are generally available, as is the ammo and components.

Most importantly, its appeal derives from its dependability and reliability. It can also be personalized, such as using camouflage wraps, and modified rather effortlessly, e.g. the forward sight post or bipod rail base, making it an extremely versatile system to accommodate an assortment of requirements and preferences.

Remaining prevalent firearm mentions go to the Henry Arms AR-7 which is structured on the authentic survival rifles manufactured for use in disaster scenarios; if an armed forces aircraft was shot down in enemy territory or the aviator was left marooned in the backwoods. It is lightweight and compact and it is collapsible therefore transportation is also convenient.

The Mosin Nagant also will come up frequently as being sturdy and dependable. Then again what appears to make a difference most in the most practical survival rifles is cost efficiency for both the firearm and ammo. Just like the AR-15, the Mosin Nagant additionally comes with an assortment of accessories so you can alter to your requirements such as butt pads, scopes and firearm stocks.

The Summary of Survival Rifles

In summary, we observed that the idea of a survival rifle has evolved over the ages. Although initially it was about practical survival in incredible situations, normally temporary, these days it has progressed with the prepper movement. No longer are individuals considering survival for a couple of days or a couple weeks at a period of time.

These people tend to be also considering long-term. A small compact, collapsible firearm will nevertheless find its way into the majority a prepper’s arsenal however so can additional functional firearms that are modifiable for certain requirements or circumstances as well as larger calibers for bigger wildlife hunting.

As with any kind of device or equipment it is all situation relevant, it has to meet the demand and the capability of the owner, and it is more practical to go for dependable solutions that have been extensively analyzed and evaluated. Occasionally, even if the latest gizmos in the marketplace look appealing, the task is much better accomplished with an older style such as the AK-47. Digital devices and extravagant rifles may become damaged in the wilderness because of moisture content and inappropriate conditions however an AK-47 can be with you no matter what.

Regardless of the firearm you decide to protect you and your family with, make certain that you are continuously equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances. In fact, that is all survivalism is about: adjusting to the conditions in a demanding, catastrophic scenario.