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To Greatly Improve Your Bow Drill Success, Make Your Sets From A Living Tree And Dry Them Out

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Don’t you think that survivalists all down through the ages gathered their favorite friction fire materials, dried them out, and made sure they stayed that way? Live wood that you’re eventually going to dry out is much easier to whittle, makes more dense and coalescent embers, resists moisture absorption better, the spindles and fireboards don’t wear as fast, and there’s a much better chance of finding materials with ideal characteristics… long, straight, clear, knot free, non resinous, etc.

In today’s video, I get a start on trying a species that I’ve heard about all my life, but never really knew how to identify. We take a thorough look at the Sourwood Tree, select an appropriate sapling, break it down into 2 spindles and a fireboard, then place the set in the back glass of the Camry for a few days of drying. (Remember please, this is a hobby channel not a survival channel)

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