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The Ultimate Prepper Checklist

Attention Savvy Preppers!Ready to take your survival education to the NEXT LEVEL? Learn how you can survive in every situation here, as get a free prepper checklist.Click Here >>

The Ultimate Prepper Checklist This guide is intended to help preppers determine what type of gear they should have for various types of emergencies. Readers will learn what to prepare for, how to determine what type of natural disasters are most common to the region they live in or move to. They will also discover the differences between natural, man-made, and biological outbreaks. This checklist guide covers everything from basic needs to expansion plans.

This guide is an excellent resource for all preppers regardless of level of experience. Deciding to prep is a great decision, but most people who make this decision do not know where to start, or how to progress beyond the basics; this guide will serve as a walk-thru to get them from where they are currently, to where they want to be in the near future. This guide also covers long term survival plans and storage concepts for goods and gear.

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