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How To Build a Backyard Greenhouse


We’re just coming out of winter and heading full steam into the summer growing season. If you live in a northern state, chances are you’ve been waiting for the weather to cooperate so you can get those seeds in the soil. How would you like to get a head start on growing your garden next spring?

Although a greenhouse is unnecessary during the spring and summer months, this is the best time of year to lay out plans and build these indoor gardening environments; the weather is warm and there is no rush. However, if you wait until fall, you probably won’t have time to build it before the snow flies again.

This book discusses the importance of having a greenhouse, as well as the benefits one might experience when using a greenhouse to get their garden growing ahead of schedule.

Readers will learn about picking the right site location to ensure the greenhouse performs up to expectations. They will also be given plans for building a Quonset hut style greenhouse, and a materials list. 

If you want to be able to grow food the whole year through, then it is imperative you build yourself a backyard greenhouse. A backyard greenhouse does not have to be expensive, nor does it need to occupy an enormous amount of space. The greenhouse plan provided in this eBook is very cost efficient. Once completed it will provide ample space to grow a few plots of off season groceries. Get started today and be prepared when the snow flies!

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