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The Ultimate Army Field Guide To Wild Edible Plants

Wild Edible ID
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Experts estimate that about 300,000 classified plants grow on the earth’s surface, including many which grow on mountain tops and ocean floors. Of these, 120,000 varieties are edible. Obviously, it is not possible to learn about all of these plants from reading this manual. If you are stranded, can identify the plant, and know how to prepare it properly, you should derive enough food substance to keep you alive.

For study purposes and future use, this manual gives descriptions and pictures of certain edible plants that can be eaten. Become familiar with these “pilot plants”; they will enable you to evaluate the food possibilities of other plants of the same variety.

Do not limit your study to the illustrations and descriptions of plant food in this manual. Take every opportunity to see these plants in their natural habitat: then, if forced into a survival situation in any area of the world, you will know where the best plant food of a region is.

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