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The Sun Oven

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Here’s a story from someone who won an All American Sun Oven in a Giveaway hosted by someone else! Take advantage of your opportunity to win an All American Sun Oven in the Giveaway we’re hosting!

The new oven is bigger, it has guides to help you align your oven with the sun and best of all it has a stabilizing bar in the back to make the oven more secure if there is a breeze. Unfortunately my Global Oven was blown off my deck. I ended up with potatoes all over my yard and glass all over my deck. I was able to easily purchase a door from the company so I was back in action with little delay.

Edited to add: Guess what I won! You know all those Rafflecopter giveaways you see on facebook and blogs. I don’t usually enter them. I figure the chances of winning are small and I don’t want to take the time to click all those like and follow buttons. But I did this time and….. it paid off. I won a new All American Sun Oven.

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