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The Off Grid Guide to Field Medicine


This off grid guide to field medicine is designed to help the reader with diagnosing certain conditions while out in the wilderness. This guide also furnishes the reader with important information regarding the actions to be taken when in an active environment, such as a mass shooting event, a bomb detonation, etc.

The information in this guide is designed to help uninjured caregivers with providing medical assistance for a wide variety of serious, and even potentially life threatening situations. This guide is not intended to help cover minor injuries and illnesses, but rather focuses on mending broken arms, legs, and bones, as well as stopping massive blood loss, which remains one of the leading causes of death when injuries occur in places where conventional medical care is unavailable.

Caregivers will also discover what actions to take while in an active environment, and how to evacuate the injured to a safer location to perform more intensive life saving measures. They will also learn how to identify and treat shock and how to position patients and monitor them after treatment has been administered.

Finally, this guide will discuss several methods of controlling blood loss from massive injuries, and how to treat them while in the field. Readers will also learn how to manage a patient’s airway to maintain proper airflow and make it easier for the patient to breathe on their own. Caregivers will also discover how to properly manage penetrating chest wounds, which can be among the worst to contend with in an active environment, or in the wilderness.

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