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The Importance Of Being Prepared Before A Disaster Strikes

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Disasters strike in every corner of the world, during every season, and on different scales throughout the year. Nonprofit organizations serve as key players during these disasters, providing aid and resources to those affected 테라리아 pc 다운로드. Indeed, hospitals, food banks, human and animal shelters, and other nonprofits are integrated into most response and recovery efforts during emergencies Fedora 14 download.

These events are often unexpected by their very nature, leaving little time, if any, to prepare. That is why it is so important to put time into planning and preparation long before the disaster strikes Three Kingdoms 13 pk.

We spoke with Cameron Waldner, CEO of Volunteer Houston, about the importance of disaster preparedness. His organization has been part of the response and recovery effort following Hurricane Harvey suspicious three brothers. In this article, we’ve included information on preparing for a disaster, as well as Waldner’s advice to nonprofits that find themselves in the midst of disaster response 바이두 아이디 없이 다운로드.

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