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The Hunting & Fishing For Survival Handbook

Hunt & Fish
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The topics covered in this handbook include foraging for aquatic wild edibles, such as seaweed and shellfish. It also covers various conventional, as well as unconventional, methods of fishing like noodling for catfish, spearfishing with modern equipment as well as homemade spears crafted out of raw material found in nature. Readers will discover the various methods of netting and trapping fish that could serve them well in a survival situation.

Several angling techniques are also discussed to provide the reader with insightful information on handlining, jigging, trotlining, and droplining, as well as shore fishing, bait casting, ice fishing, and fly fishing. Brief discussions on building fish dams and weirs are also included, and the topic of culvert damming is also mentioned as a method of unconventional fishing.

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