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The Fire Maker’s Manual: 70+ Ways to Get Your Fire Started


This educational resource guide details several aspects of making fire for survival purposes. Readers will discover discussions on the elements that are required to make fire, such as oxygen, fuel, and heat. They will also learn about the raw materials that are necessary for starting a fire and keeping it going; all of which can be found in the wilderness, such as tinder, kindling, and firewood.

The four most common fire configurations are also mentioned, as well as the proper method for laying them out. Each of the configurations mentioned can be built by a single person without the need to erect additional structures such as those that would be required for a self-feeding fire. These configurations are simple and easy to achieve, although some do have advantages over others; for instance, the inverted fire pyramid will burn much longer than the other configurations if built properly.

This resource guide has been segmented into conventional as well as unconventional methods for making fire. The entries in these categories offer brief descriptions on how each item can be used effectively to help get a fire going. Conventional ways of making fire will be much easier than any of the unconventional ways mentioned. Many of the entries in the unconventional category are primitive; however, some of them have been updated to include the use of modern materials to assist with the process.

Categories in this book are further separated into sections with regards to how a fire is started, such as solar based, spark based, friction based, and even firearm based. Readers are advised that making fire is an inherently dangerous skill that always includes the risk of injury. All safety precautions should be implemented when making a fire in the wilderness to prevent the uncontrollable spread and creation of a wildfire.

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