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The Benefits Of Space Blankets In A Survival Situation

Space Blanket
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Space blankets, also known as Mylar blankets or First Aid blankets, have a reputation for being little more than thin sheets of foil that are a common addition to pre-made, cheap survival kits sold in grocery and convenience stores.

For this reason, many people do not regard them as serious survival tools. While you may be one of those who thinks that the space blanket is too thin to be used as shelter material or too light to give you any real warmth, the reality is that there are quite a few reasons for why you would be wise to include at least one space blanket in your survival kit. After all, they are extremely light and compact, so why not throw one in your backpack?

Before we get into the different reasons for why space blankets are nifty little survival items. Let’s explore the background on these blankets and how they came about in the first place:

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