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The Beginner’s Guide to Survival Gardening


This book covers all the basics of gardening in simple language that is easy for even the novice gardener to understand. In fact, this book was written specifically for the inexperienced gardener to give them a leg up on getting their growing season off to a good start. 

Readers will be provided with information on how to establish several different styles of gardens, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the style that will work for them. Conventional gardens, vertical gardens, container gardens, and even herb gardens are discussed in detail. 

Urban readers will even be given insightful information on how to shop Farmer’s Gardens to supplement or substitute for gardening in the limited space they normally have available to them. If you’ve ever wanted to garden, but didn’t know where to begin, this is the book for you! There are even some tips that may be beneficial to veteran gardeners as well.

Learn how to setup a Community Garden that will allow several members from the surrounding neighborhoods to take advantage of the ability to grow healthy, wholesome food that hasn’t been subjected to the horrors of the industrial food chain.

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