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The Backup Weapon You Can Carry Where Guns Are Banned

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Generally speaking, when we talk about carrying concealed, we’re talking about carrying a pistol. I’ve carried a pistol concealed for years, allowing me to protect myself and my family, and by extension protecting society at large wherever I go. But that doesn’t mean that I think of a pistol as my only weapon, merely my most effective weapon in most cases.

In addition to my pistol, I carry a knife; actually, I carry two. One is a fairly normal pocket knife, which I use like a tool, for everything from cutting food to whittling tent pegs. But I also carry another knife concealed, one that is more suited for use as a fighting knife.

“Why do I do that?” you might ask. Because there are times when a gun might be a bit too much for the need. One such case would be if I was defending myself against an unarmed man.

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