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The 8 Basic Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

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We live in a world marked by modern conveniences. Which is totally fine, most of the time. But, every once in a while, disaster strikes. Whether there’s a horrendous storm that knocks out your power or you just get lost by wandering too far off the trails, a very bad situation can be mitigated exceptionally if you just know a few basic survival skills.

In order to help you be a little bit more prepared for whatever might befall you, we’ve put together this list of the 8 most important survival skills that every man should know. From making fire, to building shelter, to binding your wounds – these are the talents that, when properly practiced and honed, can make all the difference between being utterly without hope and coming out the other side a victorious survivor. So bone up on the following skills, because some day you might need them.

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