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The 19 Best Travel Destinations For Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies
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Adventure is out there! It’s time to use that PTO and take a much-needed vacation. Whether you’re a domestic diva, an international itinerant or an aimless wanderer, there are endless adventures around the world just waiting for you. We asked some of Instagram’s most influential travelers to share their favorite vacation destinations for adventure junkies. Here’s what they said.

1 Jordan

“From the ruby-red deserts to the moonlike landscape, the lost city of Petra to floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan is an epic location for adventurers. In Petra you can explore the more than 2,000-year-old rose-red city. In Wadi Rum, you can go four-wheeling, ride in a hot air balloon and camp in a landscape similar to Mars.

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