One of the things most of us take for granted are our careers. One way or another, we spend a fair amount of time trying to land the career position we have always set our minds on obtaining. We then spend countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years learning the tasks and duties expected of us. Once we land the job, we try and make a good impression by showing up for work each day, doing what is expected of us, and all for the continued probability of receiving a check on payday. This is how we have been trained to approach life.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if we all woke up tomorrow, only to discover a world changing event had occurred while we were sleeping? What would you do if the job you had worked your entire life at, suddenly ceased to exist? Would you be able to apply your talents to the after collapse condition that all of society was forced to endure, or would your current job skills be as obsolete as the job itself? This is a very serious question, and one that requires a fair amount of consideration. You will need some type of skill set that translates to a TEOTWAWKI environment if you hope to have things to use for barter and trade. In this training module, we focus on those skills that will easily translate to an after-collapse atmosphere.

In this training video, the author details the skill sets she feels are important and capable of transitioning into a SHTF scenario. Some of these ideas are simply skills that we should all have to enhance our chances of survival, whereas other ideas are sound advice to consider adopting as an after-collapse career choice. The primary point of importance here is to discover something you are good at, and which will provide a source of income in after collapse conditions. Bear in mind that the word “income” in this instance refers to something you can use as a medium of exchange to obtain the goods and services you desire.

This second training video dives right into the skill set of gunsmithing. In a TEOTWAWKI type environment, there is a very good chance that there will be guns, probably more guns than people by the time it’s all said and done. This is a skill set that could translate nicely into an after-collapse condition. People will need guns for self-defense and well as for hunting to put food on the table. While many of the people owning and using guns will have some gunsmithing ability, not all of them are going to have the tools and equipment to repair broken pins, springs, set screws, etc.

Being able to butcher animals is also going to be a very worthwhile skill set to obtain. There are going to be people who survive an apocalypse with absolutely no discernible survival skills. Even those outdoorsmen who consider themselves excellent hunters, seldom have the butchering skills to field dress and finish processing all types of game. Individuals who normally hunt nothing but large game, may be inexperienced at dressing small game, or vice versa. This will be a skill set that allows you to accomplish tasks in exchange for goods or services from others.

Are you currently an educator? The job of teaching people, adults and kids alike, will come in very handy during a post-collapse scenario. Terms for being taught a particular subject can be determined and agreed upon prior to any training actually taking place. Initially, you will be educating the smaller children of your survival community, as the older children and adults tend to the immediate chores at hand. This should still result in some form of compensation for your time and efforts, which should be agreed upon before acceptance of a new student.

Having construction and carpentry skills that are on par with the Amish way of getting things built, will also translate nicely to a TEOTWAWKI environment. People will more than likely need things built. While there may be an abundance of empty houses available for those needing shelter, there will also be entirely new communities that dot the landscape. These new communities will need shelters as well as additional buildings set up as stores, banks, etc. People may need nothing more than greenhouses built over existing gardens; however, even that can be used to secure the goods and services you require to continue surviving too.