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Teaching Survival Skills To Your Children

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You’re never too savage to take some time to teach your kids survival skills.
Or any skills, for that matter. Sometimes, the greatest lessons we learn in life pop up completely unexpectedly. As parents, we should be sure to capitalize on every opportunity to impart some of our knowledge onto our children…

While I’ve never claimed to be a “survivalist”, I have always been fascinated with learning those kind of skills. The other day, I decided to play around with the bow drill and film myself just so that I could look at my technique. As I was setting up, my daughter Maiverly, wanted to come see what I was up to.

Unsure of how long it was going to take me to get the bow drill to work, I didn’t know if my 3-year-old’s attention span would last through the process. However, after a few adjustments I had it running pretty smooth and she was excited to see how it worked.

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