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Survivalist Anthologies Volume 1


“I was really disappointed to hear that Survivalist Magazine was no longer going to be available in physical print format. I truly enjoyed many of the articles and stories that were published when the magazine was on newsstands. Is there any way I can get copies of past issues?”


This is one of the biggest requests we’ve been receiving here at Survivalist Magazine since announcing our transition to an all-digital format. While we were saddened to announce the discontinuation of physically printing the magazine, we also felt a sense of obligation to those subscribers who have been with us from the beginning. To accommodate this request, and continue transitioning to a full digital format, we have decided to publish several of the articles and stories that were originally included in published magazines.


In this first anthology, we have assembled the best articles, stories, DIY projects, and charts from the first 6 magazine issues we originally published. Readers will discover the recommended procedures for putting together emergency preparedness battle plans for themselves and their families. This anthology discusses Collapse Medicine, The End of Life as We Know It, Urban Survival, and Real World Self-Defense, just to name a few. Readers will discover valuable insight in these areas, as well as several others, and all for one low price.


These anthologies will make excellent stocking stuffers for the survivalists and preppers in your family. They may also be a worthwhile investment for those who are looking for valuable information to add to their existing emergency preparedness library, or who are looking to get a survival library started. The information contained in this anthology was assembled and designed to help people determine what actions to take for specific survival related disasters. The price is so right, you may even want to send these as gifts to your neighbors or co-workers, even if they have never been involved in prepping before.

To Your Safety & Survival,

George Shepherd

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