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Survival Energy: Off-Grid Energy Systems For The Worst-Case Scenario


“Tristan I have recently gotten involved with homesteading. Having moved out of the city to a rural countryside location, I am curious about off grid energy production. I would like to reduce my dependency on the traditional infrastructure and provide for my family while drastically reducing my financial obligation to a service provider; are you able to help?”


Off grid energy production is a growing concern for homesteaders and preppers alike. With the increased frequency of massive natural disasters that can destroy entire neighborhoods, towns, and cities, residents of those locations have begun considering producing their own power when the grid goes dark.


In this eBook, we take an in depth peek at the various methods for creating off grid energy. We discuss permanent off grid energy fixtures, as well as portable products that are capable of generating power when needed. We focus primarily on wind and solar energy production, but also discuss geothermal and hydro-electric possibilities as well.


If you have been looking for understandable literature regarding the production of off grid energy, then this is the book you want to have in your library. This will give you invaluable insight into the alternative energy production industry. We even demonstrate a DIY project I am confident readers will be able to manage on their own with the right tools.

Keep Confident & Survive,

Tristan Trubble

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