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Issue #20 – Prepare for Ebola and Pandemic

This issue Features: What is EBOLA and Why is it So Deadly?, What the Government Isn't Telling You, Why is This EBOLA Outbreak Different From Past Outbreaks?, Is EBOLA Airborne?, How to Prepare for a Pandemic, Cartridges for Survival: Rifle Cartridges Part 1, Building Your Prepper Medicine Cabinet, Virus... The Silver Lining: Colloidal Silver, How to Kill a Virus, Post Collapse Garden: Best Sources of Nutrition and Energy, Essential Oils and Their Antiviral Effects, How to Quarantine Yourself, Best Foods to Stockpile Now, Survival Nutrition, Cold Weather Medical Issues, Flower Pot Heater Project, Avalanche!, Homeschooling For Survivalists 101 Part 1, Does the World Need to Know Your Plans? and more...

Issue #19 – War Coming to American Soil!

This issue Features: Understanding the Ebola Virus, The Silent Invasion of America, Should You Fear the Federal Government?, DHS Duties and Disguise, NDAA 2012, Martial Law in America, America’s Unprotected Masses, Fema Camps, Avoiding Surveillance and Indefinite Detention, Secession of States, Knowing Your Neighbors, The Reality of War Rations, Rock Buns Recipe, Survival Pizza Recipe, War Time Loaf Recipe, Orange Custard Recipe, Pennsylvania Pudding Recipe, Money Matters, A Warrior’s Mindset, Escape and Evasion, The Bug Out Bucket List, Defensive Fighting Positions, Squad Formations, Squad Movement Tactics, US Military Active Service Firearms, Rifle/Handgun Combos, The Nut Behind the Bolt, Swaging Bullets at Home, Treating Gunshot Wounds, Morse Code Simplified, Ambush Tactics, The Combat Cane, Battlefield Evacuation and Shock Treatment, Tracking Tips, Counter-Tracking Tips, Understanding Imprints, UXO Safety Procedures, Bomb Categories and Descriptions, America’s Wireless Warriors, Defeating Detection and more...

Issue #18 – Secrets of Surviving the Amish Way

This issue Features: Joining an Amish Community, Amish Ordnung, Amish History, Adopting the Amish Way of Life, Mentioning Mennonites, Amish Farming Duties, Bean Soup, Old Amish Cheese, Amish Salt Bread, Amish Healthcare Concerns, Home Remedies of the Amish, Rebuilding Society Once the SHTF, Barn-Raising Blueprints, Woodworking in the Amish World, To Join or Not to Join?, Amish Religious Beliefs, Discovering the Dress Code, The World of Amish Women, Homeschooling: Amish Education, Amish Employment Opportunities, In the Lap of Leisure, Bundling and Dating Customs, Coming of Age, Laying Down the Law, The Leadership Ladder, Amish Mafia Myths, Interaction with US Law, The Amish Legal System, Subject to Shunning, Amish Money Makeover, Horse and Buggy Basics, Tapping Into Technology and More...

Issue #17 – Long Term Electrical Grid Collapse

This issue Features: Let There Be Light, The Tesla Tower, Field Freezers and Refrigeration, Off-Grid Cooking Methods, Homemade Canned Carrots, Irish Soda Skillet Bread, Water - Water Everywhere, Water Purification Pens, Rainwater Barrels, Storing Water in Barrels, The Archimedes Screw, Off-Grid Medical Gear, Combat Medic Field Manual, Solar Suitcase for Survival, Keeping Your Cool, Oriental Fan Making, Harvesting Log Cabin Lumber, Block Rocket Stove, Solar Showers, Do-It-Yourself Icebox Design, Cleaning the Quarters, Organizing with Others, Whiling Away the Day, Cordage Bracelet, Do-It-Yourself LED Camping Light, Frame-Loom Weaving, The Cardboard Camera, Developing Pinhole Pictures, Resources for Research, Digging Up Paydirt, Hand Crank Communications, Landlines for Life, Survival Siphon Pumps, The Shaker Siphon for Survival, To Grid or Not to Grid, Generators for Off-Grid Energy, Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels, Fifty-Hour Soy Survival Candles, Bacon Grease Candle Making and More.

Issue #16 – Homesteading

This issue Features: What is Homesteading?, Livestock for Survival, Bushcraft Butcher’s Block, The Stocked Fish Pond, Reap What You Sow, Double Your Family’s Nutrition, Start Your Own Seed Bank, Say No to GMO, Winterizing Your Garden, Basics of Bushcraft Cooking, Hearty Homesteading Soup, The Underground Oven, Iron Skillet Apple Pie, Dutch Oven Bread, Seasoning Cast Iron Cookery, Identifying Underground Water, Hand-Digging a Well, Rainwater as a Resource, Emergency Hydration, Changing Personal Hygiene Habits, Primitive Farming, Cash Crops for an Economic Collapse, Pack Animals for Progress, Hand-Washing Laundry, Lye Soap for Laundry and Dishes, Doing the Dirty Dishes, Building an Ash Hopper, Homemade Crockery and Utensils, The Survival Seamstress, Alternate Pressing Methods, Patchwork for Preppers, Disposing of Out-House Wastewater, Developing Relationships for Disasters, Chest Congestion Remedy and More...

Issue #15 – Survive on the Water | Seasteading

This issue Features: Seaweed: The Ocean Edible, The History of Seasteading, Harvesting Food From the Ocean, Storing Supplies at Sea, Aquaponics and Seasteading, Water Stills: Obtaining Fresh Water From the Sea, Understanding International Maritime Law, Non-Traditional Navigation, Identifying Jellies, Sail Out of Trouble (SOOT) Gear, Predicting Weather Patterns, Seasteading Vessel Solutions, Benefits of Bugging Out By Boat, Submarines for Seasteading, Sails of the High Seas, Seasteading Community Concepts, Recycling and Waste Management, Personal Submersible Gear, Beachcombing for Survival, Boat Building 101, Life Boat Options, Borrowing a Boat, Maritime Signal Solutions, Piracy on the High Seas, Fortifying a Seasteading Fortress, Seasteading Currencies, Boat Ropes and Knots, Shark Attacks, Supplemental Energy Sources, Marine Mechanics and More...

Issue #14 – Survive The Winter

Winter Survival, Treating Hypothermia, Winter Bug-Out Bags, Winter Hunting Cautions, Ice Fishing, Creating an Outdoor Meat Locker, Winter Trapping Tricks,The Wild Edibles of Winter, Rehydrating Recipes, Stockpiling Canned Goods, Navigating Bodies of Frozen Water, Storing Water in the Winter, Winter Water Conservation, Mental Disorders Associated with Winter, Community Kitchens and Bunkhouses, How to Build an Igloo, Snowshoes and Sleds, How to Make Snowshoes and Sleds, Snow Removal Systems, Winter Wonderland Activities, Guide to Using Essential Oils for Survival, Safe Haven Security, Snow Patrols, What to Wear in Winter, Deadly COld Rain, Harnessing the Winds of Winter, Using Water Wheels During Winter, Steam Engines, Rocket Stoves, Winter Wood Calculator, Firewood Measurements, Wood Species Heat Values Winter Solar Power, Holiday Gift Guide and More…

Issue #13 – Surviving Major Disasters

Viral Outbreak, Barricading Against Biochemical Agents, Surviving Social Collapse, Avoiding Terrorist Attacks, Surviving a Single Nuclear Strike, Protection From EMPs, Radiation Conversion, After Nuclear Strike, Building Your Underground Bunker, Growing an Underground Garden, D.U.M.Bs AKA: “Deep Underground Military Bases”, Drought Survival, Flood Survival Strategies, Hiding From the High Winds of Hurricanes, Tackling a Tornado, Arctic and Blizzard Survival, Crustal Displacement, Escaping Earthquakes, Wildfire Survival Tips, Surviving Volcanic Eruptions, Understanding Solar Flares, Interstellar Impacts, Ozone Depletion Survival Tips and more…

Issue #12 – Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

This issue Features: Survival Archery, Shotgun vs. Rifle Hunting, The Fine Art of Fishing, Traps & Snares, The Slingshot, Wild Edibles, The Spices of Life, Making Your Own Dehydrated Meals, Bushcraft Basics Water Purification, Bushcraft Water Filters, Finding Water in the Wild, Medicines to Find in the Wild, Calendula Salve, How to Select a Retreat/Bug-Out Location, Primitive Shelters, Climbing & Rappelling, Making Rope, Distance & Navigation, Signaling & Rescue, Trapping Techniques, Tanning Tips & Techniques, Building a Walk-Out Bag, Bushcraft Tool Repair, Making Fire and More…

Issue #11 – Real Self Defense

This issue features: Vital Points in Self Defense, How to Build Your Own Gas Mask, A “Less Than Lethal” Defense Option, Sharpening For Safety & Survival, The Only Kick You’ll Ever Need, Knife Fighting Techniques, Negotiating Techniques, Evasion and Escape Tactics, Street Fighting Basics, Female Self-Defense Techniques, Developing Ambidextrous Tactics, The Importance of Firearms Training, Cover vs. Concealment, Handling Issues with Law Enforcement, Our Right to Carry Open or Concealed, Shooting with Simunition, Substitute Close Quarters Combat, Overcoming Range Fear, The Transportation of Firearms, Evading Military Maneuvers, Reacting to Intrusion, Improve Home Security, Firearms Familiarity, Real World Self Defense and more!

Issue #10 – Pioneer Living

This issue features: Pioneer Survival, Elderberry: Foods That Heal, Buying Land, Survival Sales and Bartering, Plant Identification, Hand Digging a Well, Breaking the Amish Code, Urban Food Production Pt.2, Canning and Food Preservation, Raising Livestock, Fuel Stablization, Emergency Stoves and Heat, Off Grid Energy, Survival Vs. Combat Mindset, Emergency Checklist, Emergency Water Filter, Bartering and Trading, Emergency Dental Bags, Purifying Salt Water, Basics of Hypothermia, Tree Resin Uses, A Community Home school, Make Your Own Beef Jerky, Make Your Own Beeswax Candles, Make Your Own Dehydrated Apples, Make Your Own Cheese, Make Your Own Soap, Grow and Make Your Own Herbal Cold & Flu Tea and More!

Issue #9 – Urban Survival!

This issue features: Emergency Childbirth, Flash Mob Riot Escape, Home Fortifications and Security, Urban Food Production, Bug Out Vehicles, Finding Your Rural Homestead, Becoming the Gray Man: Hiding in Plain Sight, Container Gardening: Building Quality Soil, Survival Sanitation, Urban Survival Tips, Bugging In: Urban Survival at Home, Pistol Carbines, Tactics & Tips for Urban Survival, How to Make Ethanol, Enhanced Dakota Fire Pit, Tangible Assets & Barter Items, Defense Against a Grab, Camouflage: Art & Science of Concealment and More!

Issue #8 – Survive Martial Law!

This issue features: The Reality of TEOTWAWKI and Strategies for Survival, Breaking the Matrix of the New World Order, Natural Burn Treatment, The Constitutional Sheriff: In Defense of the Second Amendment, Agenda 21: The U.N. Plan for Global Government in the 21st Century, Is the Militia Relevant Today?, The Science of Self-Defense: Disarming a Pistol-Bearing Attacker, Choosing a Scope: What’s Right for You, Surviving Yourself: Privacy and Preparation, DIY Hidden Storage, Camp Fema: The New American Community, Surviving the NWO:Planning Your Fade-Back, Land of the Free: Think Again…, Organizing a Survival Team, Product Spotlight: Useful Tools for Survival and More!

Issue #7 – When The Lights Go Out!

In this issue we focus on survival energy and alternative power. Including: How to Build Your own Generator, How to Build a Homemade Battery, Small Scale & Portable Solar Power, Why You Need a Steam, Engine, Vegetable Oil as a Fuel Source, Alternative Cooking Methods, Comfree Herbs, How to Build a Solar Still, Alternative Heating, Obtaining Fuel Wood Cheaply, Going Underground, How to Build a Wind Turbine, SOG PowerLock? Multi-Tool, The Secrets of Easy Organic Gardening, Collapse Medicine: Lice & Ticks, Silver vs Antibacterial Resistant Bacteria, The Best Laid Plans, Adaptive Survival, Water- water Everywhere but not a drop to drink, Waterwise Review, Product Spotlight and More!

Issue #6 – The Truth About 2012

On the Road to 2012, Surviving a Super Eruption, 10 Myths about Food Storage, Top 8 Skills That Matter in a Grid Down Scenario, 2012: Apocalypse,-Not?, How to Turn a Cheap Surplus Rifle Into a Top-Line Shooter, Survival Reloading Presses and Other Gear, Metallurgy: Post 2012, Treating Major and Minor Wounds in a Collapse Situation, Creating a Self-Reliance Library on a Budget, How Silver Works to Promote Healthy Wound Healing, Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag, 2012: Do We Really Have Less Than One Year Left?, Product Spotlight and More!

Issue #5 Societal Collapse

Surviving Martial Law, Interview with James Wesley- Rawles, Collapse Communications, Survival Gold & Silver, Economic Collapse Investing, CDC Flu Propaganda, Collapse Medicine Pt. 2: Practical Suture Lab, Survival Preparation: Is Your Family On Board?, The Night the Lights Went Out, Surviving an EMP, Builts to Last: Top Alternative Building Methods, 10 Essential Oils for Your Natural Medical Kit, Did Western Civilization Peak in the Early 1970′s, Frugal Firelighting, Product Spotlight and More!

Issue #4 Collapse Medicine

A Medical Education for Every Age, Making and Using a Colloidal Silver Generator, The Folding Utility Knife as an EDC Tool, The Next Super Bug, Daily Habits to Boost Your Immune Function, Basic Survival Hygiene, How to Build a Blowout Kit, Treating Chronic Disease WITHOUT Pharmaceuticals, Fitness for When SHTF, Inexpensive Luxuries for the Get Home Bag, High Speed-Low Drag: Tips for Concealed Carry, Nutrients for Healthy Survival, Wild Edibles, The Beck Protocol, FDA’s Shelf-Life Lie, Collapse Medicine:How to Suture Wounds, Survival Group Medic: The Needs Assessment and More!

Issue #3 Self-Reliance

Dry Bulk Food Storage, Growing & Processing Raw Wheat Sprouts, Cooking with Solar Power, Home Distilling – The Spirit of Self-Reliance, The Survival Garden, How to Never Run Out of Food, Weeds for Natural Health, Saving Money Around the Homestead, Dairy Goats: A Sustainable Food Supply, Making Your Water Safe to Drink, The Lost Art of Root Cellars, Our Barnyard Friends, Don’t Throw That Away, How to Build an Earthbag Survival Shelter, Home Security and Invasion Countermeasures, Review: Izula Gear Mini Survival Wallet and More!

Issue #2 Tactical Survival

John’s Handgun Picks, .22 Magnum- Best Survival Rifle?, The Shotgun: Basic Survival Tool, Shot Shells 101, Seven Sensible Strategies for Teaching Gun Safety, Reloading for Survival Situations, Air Rifle Survival: an Alternative to Traditional Firearms, The Surprise & Distance of Self Defense, Back Country Blades: The Knives No Survivalist Should Be Without, Survival Blade Honorable Mentions & Reviews: M&P15R – Smith & Wesson’s AR-15 Upper Assembly and the Parry Blade.

Issue #1 Premier Issue

Special Premier Issue Features: The Only True Currency in a Post-Collapse World, Surviving in the Free State, Down to Nothing: Finding Food When You’re Desperate, On Survivalism – Preparedness – and Self-Reliance, Homeschooling: A Family Matter, What Are You Gonna Do About a Nuclear Threat or Device, Antibiotics: Why You Should Store Them and How to Get Them Without a Prescription, Lone Wolf Syndrome, plus Book Review: American Apocalypse; The Beginning, and more!

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