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State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2
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“So we’re looking at a community that’s just been through a nasty rough patch”, said designer Richard Foge, as we looked at State of Decay’s brand new community tab, featuring a group of very sickly looking survivors WordPress. “They started building a facility and they made a lot of noise and brought zombie siege. One of them took on a juggernaut but not before the juggernaut took out a few of the survivors – you can see their tombstones there 버즈 가시 다운로드. And she’s taken some damage herself, cracked ribs, concussion.”

This was the beginning of the Gamescom demo of State of Decay 2, a slicker, larger, more polished version of its predecessor (running on Unreal Engine 4) but with exactly the same central hook: making difficult choices Spring sts download. Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain and Foge plunged us straight into the aftermath of a brutal zombie attack, where the decision was, basically, die along with your two unwell comrades, or fight to keep your community alive Web Leap Gothic 130.

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