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Some Paper Products That Can NEVER Be Replaced

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While we believe that it’s simply common sense to use digital replacements of physical products in many instances simply because you can fit an entire library of knowledge in a thumb-sized drive, there are a few uses for paper that you may not want to replace…

Of course, many people worry about the grid going down causing many of the digital resources and files contained on websites, videos and in personal computers… and rightly so!  This is why, as preppers, we are prepared for anything.  That’s why you may want to get your printed copy of our Survivalist Anthology books.

They contain all the knowledge of 4 years worth of our printed Survivalist magazine’s articles, workshops and more… even the issues that have been SOLD OUT for years.

You can get them now using the links below. Simply click on the covers to view the contents.  (You can even “Peek Inside” on the next page)

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