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Shooting The Bull: Reasons To Reload Your Own Ammo

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In my last column, I detailed two of the primary reasons I believe that reloading your own pistol, rifle or shotgun ammunition might be right for you.

Let’s review: Like many of you, I believe that our founding fathers got it right; the ability to protect oneself, one’s family and property is foundational to a free society. The realization of this right, in turn, depends on one’s ability to bear arms. And those opposed to this freedom understand that it doesn’t matter how many arms you’re able to bear if you don’t have an adequate supply of ammunition to fire in them.

As I mentioned in my last column, for the past few decades we’ve been living a new political reality. Each election cycle, the same old ineffective gun bans and ammunition/magazine restrictions are repackaged and hawked as necessary common-sense measures for ending violent crime. While these measures never do that, they are effective for creating consumer panic, which always results in market shortages and inflation pricing. Reloading can give you a temporary hedge on politically driven market shortages by allowing you to build up an adequate store of ammunition while the components are readily available and reasonably priced.

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