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Prepper Fitness: How To Stay Fit In Case SHTF

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The goal of prepper fitness is to stay fit so you can survive any emergency or catastrophic disasters. A true prepper knows it is insufficient to simply have stockpiles of food, water and supplies in their home. They also know that having knowledge on different survival skills is not enough. To survive the downfall of society, you need to be physically and mentally fit.

For now, we’ll focus on physical fitness.

You have to stay fit so your body can withstand different physical tasks, particularly when you have to bug out when SHTF. Be honest to yourself. Do you think you can carry a fully packed bug out bag while running for your life? Do you think you can outrun the zombies of World War Z or the human-harvesting Tripods in War of the Worlds? Are you even fit enough to jump over huge cracks on the ground caused by earthquakes?

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