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Preparedness On A Shoestring Budget

Budget Prepping
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I will stand by physical fitness and know-how as two of the seriously overlooked areas in disaster preparation. They apply to all disasters; car accidents, annual storms, all the way up to whatever apocalypse you like. Even so, there are facets of preparedness that do require “stuff”. “Stuff” usually means spending. That can be a problem for beginners, for people trying to budget, and for preppers traveling when disaster strikes.

One way we can lower the burden on what must be bought is by taking a page from the homeless, the hobos of old, and modern hobos. Other times, we can cut costs by heading to a different “department” to get our survival and grid-down supplies.

Good gear matters. “Get good gear over cheap” is excellent advice. But sometimes, you don’t really need gear to be all that good. And sometimes, you don’t have to spend extra – or anything at all – to get perfectly serviceable preps.

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