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Out Of The Box Small Apartment Prepping Storage Tips!

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It can be a challenge to achieve a proper prepping stock when you’re living in a small apartment with no yard. There are many innovative ways to overcome this challenge, with a bit of imagination of course. One of our readers asked us to think of ways he could prep in his small suburban apartment. I personally have never had this challenge, so I reached out to a couple of prepper friends that are currently living in a small city apartment. They gave us some great small apartment prepping storage tips.

I was happy with how quickly he responded. He told me that he’s lived in both condos and apartments with near-no storage room. It indeed won’t be a sustainable “long-term” bug out storage, but anyone can easily pack away several months of supplies to cover things like storms, social unrest, grid shutdown, supply stoppage, or job loss. For the improbable event of long-term chaos, you might need to find a bug out location; Either on some property or even a friend with land willing to let you crash in trade for helping out with your prepping supplies.

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