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Neutralize Hazardous Biological & Chemical Threats with a Single Solution

BDAS Handheld Decon Unit
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Traditional decontamination formulas have a long history of being extremely toxic, as well as corrosive. Take bleach for instance, while it can neutralize several biological and chemical threats, the runoff is very hazardous and toxic. Bleach can also cause serious damage and discoloration to several surfaces and fabrics. Alcohol and ammonia are traditional decontaminants that cause inhalation concerns and health hazards.

Decon7 Systems offers the D7 formula, a patented single solution engineered by Sandia National Laboratories. This contact decontamination solution breaks down and neutralizes known carcinogens, bloodborne pathogens, and airborne threats, such as formaldehyde, hepatitis, and E. coli.

The D7 solution is designed and developed to provide a contact decontamination formula that is environmentally safe. With low levels of toxicity and corrosive action, the D7 solution is safe to use around humans, animals, and equipment.

Although D7 is an effective disinfection tool for use by the general public and the prepper community, it is also used by hazmat teams, first responders, and law enforcement personnel as a means for decontaminating meth labs, suspected fentanyl residue, and crime scenes where bodily fluids and/or blood are a serious cause for concern.

When using D7 products in a confined area, be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, masks and goggles included. This solution has not been FDA approved for use on the skin, even though it complies with environmental safety regulations and is considered eco-friendly.


As preppers our gear must adhere to the criteria established within the community; lightweight, compact, and multi-purpose. We look for these attributes in the equipment we add to our kits because we understand the importance of rapid response solutions for the situations we find ourselves in.

Although available in bulk, preppers are advised to avoid such a purchase in this instance, as it would require mixing the three separate components of the solution and using an application system such as an adjustable pressure sprayer.

Decon7 products like the BDAS+ unit are more suitable for emergency preparedness kits and NBC (Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical) lockers. They are lightweight, compact, and extremely user friendly. They operate in similar fashion to fire extinguishers; pull the safety tab, aim nozzle at contaminated area to be cleaned, and squeeze the trigger.


It goes without saying, but every disaster scenario imaginable should be approached and treated as a hazmat environment. When natural disaster strike they can wreak havoc for days, weeks, and even months after the initial event. Hurricanes produce flooding long after the storm has passed, and the clouds have dissipated, and all that moisture can result in the presence of black mold.

Tornadoes & earthquakes can devastate an area in a short period of time, creating an environment that is ripe for biological and chemical hazards. Wildfires are equally devastating and always leave carcinogens in their wake. Entering these environments without the proper clothing and equipment can be extremely hazardous to your health, up to and including the possibility of death.

Originally designed and developed for use by the U.S. DoD (Dept. of Defense), D7 products are now available to the general public and they are a tool no prepper kit should be without. Although available in several configurations, the handheld products are recommended for the prepper community; this is the game changer you’ve been looking for!

The BDAS+ handheld unit contains the neutralizing agent, detergent, and accelerant in a convenient, lightweight, and compact package that is readily available for rapid response situations. This unit removes the possibility of human error from the equation by mixing the ingredients for a quick, one-step application process.

Unlike traditional decontamination solutions such as bleach, D7 solution is safe for frequent and regular use. It also will not cause hazardous inhalation concerns, such as noxious fumes, nor will it cause damage or discoloration to the surfaces it comes in contact with. Need to knock the flu out of your house? D7 is also available as a laundry solution, giving you the ability to ensure viral threats of this nature are eliminated in their entirety.

We cross paths with a number of threats every single day, especially if we live in disaster prone areas. A cornerstone of prepping is making sure we have the proper tools and equipment to protect ourselves and our loved ones against all threats, seen and unseen. D7 is the decontamination equipment you want in your bag!

Now available to the general public for the first time ever, but you can’t just get it online, you have to call the company to place your order. These products are something we highly recommend having in your emergency preparedness kits at all times. Call (844)-727-3626 and get the single best solution for biological and chemical threats!