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"Learn How to Survive Through Any Situation, Disaster or Collapse, Without Fear."
Dear friend,

I would like to make a personal request of each of you; will you do me a favor and take a moment to read this entire page. I promise, the information it contains has the ability to change your life, and that is no exaggeration! Please allow me to explain…

There are a great many patriots who have the personal goal of successfully prepping this year. They have the desire to ensure survival through any type of situation, natural disaster or man-made collapse, without a single ounce of fear!

…and if we are going to be 100% honest, very few of those people will succeed in their prepping endeavors, and here’s why…

Historically speaking, 97% of people fail to properly prepare themselves for facing traumatic, and often times devastating situations. That same 97% of people will not begin preparing until time is short and it is far too late. 
Now, what if I told you it was possible to defy the odds, and tip the scales in your favor…you would be interested, right…?

What if I offered you a proven system that not only allowed you to become properly prepared to survive any situation, natural disaster or man-made collapse, but also taught you how to convert fear into confidence…you would want to take a closer look, wouldn’t you…?

What if that same proven system allowed you to assist others, such as treasured family members and valued friends, who refused to take the necessary steps to ensure survivability themselves…that would peak your curiosity, wouldn’t it…?

Well, guess what…? Now you can, with a brand new online coaching program that cannot be found anywhere else but here!

Hello! My name is George Shepherd and I have created a unique, one of a kind coaching program that is currently changing lives while you are reading this. Truth be told, the number of people this coaching program continues to help, grows faster and larger by the day!

My coaching program has provided extraordinary results for preppers and survivalists around the world. Quite honestly, I have not come across any other educational platforms that are capable of providing results similar to those offered through my coaching program.

Here’s why:

First things first! The data contained in my coaching program is not the same unfiltered, regurgitated, fluff filled information you have probably grown accustomed to from other websites and programs. 

That is precisely the reason I carefully designed my coaching program to ensure it teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to survive any type of natural disaster, or man-made collapse condition, with more confidence than ever before!

This coaching program is engineered around the 21 Survival Skills my team of experts has determined to be absolutely necessary in order to survive and thrive in a post-collapse scenario!

My coaching program will provide you with the secrets, strategies, tips, and tricks most preppers and survivalists would kill or die for. This information will give you an unfair advantage over your neighbors, thereby separating you from the competition.

By now I am sure you are wondering what the 21 Survival Skills are, as well as why they are capable of assisting a wide variety of people, and I am more than happy to share that knowledge with you!

The 21 Survival Skills that you need to thrive in a Post-Collapse World:
Purifying Water Safely

Making Fire Anywhere

Building & Finding Shelter

Storing & Preserving Food

Self-Defense & Security

Medical, Trauma & Healing

Bartering & Negotiation

Community Organization

Energy & Electricity

Economy & Money

Growing Food

Hunting & Fishing




Faith & Hope


Family & Education

Finding Happiness

Building Wealth

Personal Development

You will be granted access to a veritable wealth of educational training literature provided in step-by-step guides and modules that include…

Printable Worksheets & Checklists, DIY Articles, Training Videos, Daily Hints, Tips & Tricks, Closed Social Media Groups, Podcasts, Interviews with Experts, as well as Online Events that are specifically designed to assist you with being able to survive any situation with greater confidence!

“Kick worry and anxiety to the curb!”

Once you have completed these crucial 21 Survival Skills training modules you will understand how to handle devastating circumstances, such as, Starvation, Dehydration, Disease, Detention, Enslavement, and Genocide!

One of my primary objectives in life involves being able to pass on information to others that has been beneficial in advantageously changing my life. I learned very early on how to save an enormous amount of time, during the process of becoming a prepper, by simply eliminating the bad data that is available from a number of resources!

Survival training should be an integral component of education for each and every patriot. The secrets shared here are learned through actual “hands-on” experience, rather than guesswork. Some of these secrets include:
what you absolutely must do prior to considering the lifestyle adaptions required in order to survive any type of disaster. (This secret has been nothing short of a windfall for me; it helped me save valuable time, and money, which would have otherwise been wasted).

how understand the proper methods by which people begin preparing to survive various types of natural and man-made disasters, using the right skills, knowledge, and proper gear. (This aspect of preparedness is not nearly as tough as you might think. As a matter of fact, this type of lifestyle is probably unlike what you have been expecting).

- the secret of being able to survive all situations with greater confidence, quickly, especially if you have never had to face these type of harrowing situations before.

- this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg; there is so much more to my coaching program I cannot wait for you to join us!
My coaching program offers a “never-before-seen, over-the -shoulder” approach designed to share the proper methods of developing a prepper lifestyle, while simultaneously eliminating the unnecessary time wasting tactics employed by others in the preparedness community who are focused on profit margins more than they are on helping those members who need it most.  

The information you will gain access to, quite literally has the power to alter your personal, as well as your financial, life forever…and that is no overstatement!

So, why would you…or for that matter, should you…listen to anything I have to say…? 

I’m glad you asked! I have published the best emergency preparedness resource magazine in the world, SURVIVALIST, for several years. I have had unrestricted access to real-life experts in the survival community, and more than anything else…I have personally employed these 21 Survival Skills to the best of my ability and they have changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

All that being said, I do not want you to take my word for it…I want you to step inside and see for yourself!

The 21 Survival Skills I have incorporated into my coaching program are currently assisting preppers from all walks of life, and various skill levels, continue to prepare in the most efficient and economically inexpensive ways possible. Today is the day you get the benefit of learning these secrets, strategies, tips and tricks yourself!
No One Controls Your Life...
How would you enjoy being worry free and confident? How would you like to have a head start when a disaster is about to occur? How would you like to be in control of the results for the decisions you make? Are you ready to THRIVE, not just survive, when the wheels fall off?
Will You Be Ready When It Does?
The World Has Dramatically Changed
When the Cold War came to a close, an enormous number of people around the world experienced the sensation of momentary relief. This was only the beginning of the transition from “freedom to fascism,” for several countries, not just the United States.

It continues to amaze me how quickly the “lemmings” forget that the global power structure never changes anything but the masks they wear in public. The puppet masters of finance are always available to pull strings to favor their agendas. They enjoy a monopoly on power, control, and economics, and those who refuse to play by their rules do not last long.

This is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY! Sadly, this is the world we live in, and unfortunately we are in this together. It is up to you and I to discover what it is going to take in order to survive when this House of Cards comes crashing down!
The House Of Cards is Coming Down!
The Speed of Deterioration is Accellerating.
But Who Can You Trust?
Unfortunately, there are no reliable, respectable, and reputable media resources available anymore. All news channels deliver heavily biased content based on the amount of advertising they receive, and the political campaigns they are financially supporting through donations.

While these propaganda specialists are only concerned with taking care of themselves and their families, one has to wonder “who is looking out for the little guy…?” It is definitely not the federal government!

It has all become nothing more than ENTERTAINMENT…

The Only Step-By-Step Survival Program with Genuine Life-Changing Training Designed to Make Expert Survivalist from Every Day People — And You Can Be Next!
We've Put All The Pieces Together For You
Truth be told; all of us are going to have a difficult time trying to survive all alone. We are a species within the animal kingdom that works better when surrounded by a TRIBE of like-minded members!

If you have experienced grave difficulty finding other people to speak with, share and train with…then your search has reached its termination point. The education you receive will be accelerated through this revolutionary “step-by-step” training process, without being too overwhelming.

The resources and lesson plans are organized and archived in such a way as to allow members the benefit of studying at their own pace. You will be able to locate everything you need learn, when you are ready for it, without delays or further demands.
YES, George! Please Give Me Instant Access as an ELITE Member so I can Learn the 21 Survival Skills that You Need to Ensure that You Can Thrive in a Post-Collapse World at the BEST Price Available
I, as a new or returning member, fully understand I will be granted IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this entire coaching program, which consists of Printable Worksheets & Checklists, DIY Articles, Training Videos, Daily Tip & Tricks, Private Social Media Groups, Podcasts, Interviews with Experts, and Online Summits & Webinars, where I will eagerly discover how to:

   - Survive any type of disaster situation with confidence
   - Avoid Starvation, Dehydration, Disease, Enslavement, Detention & Genocide!
   - Convert fears into greater confidence!
   - Assist others who are not properly prepared, or who are behind in putting their plan together. 

As an added bonus, I am also offering my standard NO HASSLE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, RISK FREE GUARANTEE…

Either I Love It...Or My Money Back!

This means you get to test drive the entire Coaching Program for 90 days! If, after going through these training modules you do not agree that the 21 Survival Skills training modules and ELITE membership resources are worth 100% of the cost, then you can contact for an immediate and full refund!

Here is the Bottom Line:

I have done everything necessary to ensure this coaching program and membership will allow you to become successful. All of the information provided has been tried and tested by the leading experts of the preparedness and survival communities, in real world survival situations!

That being said, if you want to begin your journey through the 21 Survival Skills you will need in order to ensure you have the ability to THRIVE, not just survive, in post-collapse conditions, then please use the form below to enroll with us!

George Shepherd
CEO & Founder of Survivalist Magazine 

P.S. Remember, this comes with my 90 day NO HASSLE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, RISK FREE GUARANTEE, which eliminates all the risk to you and places it squarely on the subject matter in this course, as it should be. Do not wait! Join us today!

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