SHTF FAST TRACK – #1 Mental Preparation!

In this half hour video, the author discusses the aspects of becoming mentally prepared to transition to a more self-reliant lifestyle. This is the jumping off point for the journey to self-sufficiency. Before you begin implementing new ideologies into your lifestyle, it is of the utmost importance that you fully understand the ramifications of your decisions. An individual must possess the proper mindset before they can begin to appreciate the prepper lifestyle. While the prepper lifestyle is not designed to increase difficulties and hardships, those who do not have the mental attitude and fortitude to overcome challenges, will fall to the wayside. You must be mentally prepared to undergo changes to your current living condition before you can begin assembling the physical gear required to increase confidence and keep you alive Current affairs download!

SHTF #1 Mental Preparation

SHTF FAST TRACK – #2 The Bug Out Bag!

In this training video the author demonstrates one of the most cost effective methods of getting the gear together that will make survival of disaster scenarios easier to digest. The “bug out bag,” “GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) gear,” “GO (Get Out) Bag,” and “INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) Bag,” are all phrases used to describe the actual bag that the gear has been stored in. One of the first questions new members have is; “How much is this going to cost me?” The honest answer is; “However much you want to spend!” Gear bags can be assembled with cost efficiency in mind, as shared in this video, or they can encompass a multitude of high end, name brand, designer gear that has been manufactured for prepping while increasing profit margins Remarried Empress. There is an age old adage that applies here; you get what you pay for. Personally, I have several Wal-mart items in my various bags of gear. These items are cost effective and efficient. They are also sturdy and reliable.

SHTF #2 The Bug Out Bag

SHTF FAST TRACK – #3 Finding Water in the Wilderness!

In this short instructional video, we learn five tricks for finding, and/or manufacturing water, while in the wilderness. In an off grid disaster scenario, being able to manufacture water while awaiting rescue, could be the very skill that determines life or death. The human body, which consists of over 60 percent water content, requires a significant amount of hydration. In a perfect world humans would consume a bare minimum of 64 oz 손경제 다운로드. of water per day. In a survival situation any amount of water will be welcome, and help stave off dehydration. Water, believe it or not, is more important to human survival than food. If you ever happen to find yourself unfortunate enough to experience a life or death situation, strike out to find water before you concern yourself with food. Although finding water, and being able to manufacture it, are essential to survival, being able to filter and purify that water is even more important!

SHTF #3 Finding Water in the Wilderness!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #4 Filtering & Purifying Water in the Wilderness apache ant 다운로드!

Purifying water in the wilderness comes down to boiling it, and for that you need fire, which we will cover shortly. In this training video the author shares methods of manufacturing a water filter out of items you might find in the wilderness. While the plastic bottle is an uncommon item to find in nature, it serves the purpose of a containment vessel, which can be manufactured out of several different materials, or from gear we might have in our bags. It is very important that you know how to manufacture a water filter, especially when consuming water from unknown resources. Water borne health hazards are one of the leading causes of death globally.

SHTF #4 Filtering & Purifying Water in the Wilderness!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #5 Building a Survival Shelter 3dp chip download!

In this training video we see the construction of a permanent survival shelter. There are several methods of constructing temporary survival shelters, many of which we will cover in the individual modules of this coaching program; however, in a serious collapse scenario that consists of people going back to ground, being able to construct a hut of this magnitude will be extremely important. If you live in regions that bear witness to all 4 seasons, then this hut will be the first stage of a continuing journey towards improving it for the colder climates that are coming. Small scale shelter arrives in the form of the clothes we wear. Always make sure you are dressed, or have clothes readily available, to withstand the climates you may be forced to face. Learn to build shelters quickly, they are also essential to human survival; without them we run the increased risk of experiencing hypothermia, which can be lethal 호텔 델루나 7회 다운로드!

SHTF #5 Building a Survival Shelter!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #6 How to Forage for Food!

In this training video we learn that there are actually wild edibles growing in most of our yards. Now, while the majority of the wild edibles found in this video were discovered in neighborhood lawns, many of these same plants grow abundantly in the wilderness. Acquiring the skills to forage for and identify wild edibles will be instrumental to long term survival of any and all situations. One of the first items to disappear from store shelves during a disaster is food. People will ransack stores for miles around a disaster area taking every item they can get their hands on. If you have the ability to forage for food in the wilderness, or even your backyard, then you have an advantage over the hungry hoards who are abusing each other over a sack of flour on aisle #4 Inside Out.

SHTF #6 How to Forage for Food!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #7 Self-Defense & Security!

One of the survival situations that is becoming more commonplace on the American landscape is the Active Shooter scenario. While self-defense and security take on many shapes, especially in survival situations, we elected to share this training video for the Fast Track page due to the material it contains, and the frequency with which these events occur in the modern era. We will share more information on various forms of self-defense and security in the individual training modules. Active Shooter situations are not the place to become indecisive; time is of the essence, it is imperative you work together and get out alive!

SHTF #8 Self-Defense & Security!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #8 Signaling for Rescue 오자마녀 도레미 다운로드!

Pay particular attention to the opening message of this training video! If/when you plan on going anywhere, take the time to properly inform others who you trust of your plans. Develop a method of checking in with them along the route, and implement “trigger” actions that would alert them to notify authorities that you are missing. A majority of the stories surrounding people who were “lost,” include the fact that nobody knew their plans, or didn’t know them well enough to help them once those plans failed. Taking the time to complete this single step, may be the most important thing you can do to ensure your survival while away from home. Aside from that, you also need to know, and understand, how to signal for rescue using a variety of methods, as demonstrated in this training video 나이트런 파더스데이 다운로드.

SHTF #9 Signaling for Rescue!

SHTF FAST TRACK – #9 CPR: The First Step of First Aid!

In this training video the author demonstrates CPR/AED procedures. CPR is the first thing you need to learn in the First Aid category, because if the patient is not breathing, that must be addressed before anything else. Field First Aid will be covered more in depth in the individual training modules and will cover more serious medical activities such as suturing, attending to fractures, head wounds, stopping blood loss, etc. For now, concentrate on learning these handy life saving techniques.

SHTF #10 CPR: The First Step of First Aid!


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