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Meal Planning Made Easy

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Meal planning is exactly as it sounds – it’s planning your meals in advance. Meal planning has so many advantages and will save you both time and money as as well as altering your eating habits. When you focus on what you’re eating, you will have more control over your diet.

Each person’s eating situations can vary from week to week depending on work schedule, school activities, evening commitments, and travel plans. The first step to meal planning is to determine how many meals you need to plan for each day and each week. When you have time to prepare meals, it is a good idea to make what we refer to as “planned overs.” This means making meals that can be served more than once. This idea works great for times when you have to eat and run or come home dog tired and ready to eat whatever your can grab. As you prepare your meal plan, keep in mind those fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.

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