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Make Your Own S’Mores Solar Oven

S'mores Solar Oven
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We’re giving away an All American Sun Oven you can enter to win; in the meantime, here’s a solar oven project you can do with the kids!

Did you know that August 10 is National S’Mores Day in the United States? While Congress has not made this an official holiday, you can still enjoy your own s’mores on August 10 – and any other day you have a little sunshine – by making your own S’Mores Solar Oven.

This is a super-easy project that the girls and I made earlier this summer, at a library morning hosted by their elementary school. We’ve tested the ovens several times by now, and can report that they work great. No, the marshmallows won’t get roasted like they do over a campfire, but otherwise the results are just as tasty.

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