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Make Your Own Recycled Campfire Starters

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My husband and I love to camp, and we know if there’s one you thing you have to have for a successful camping trip, it’s a fire. We learned long ago that the availability of dry kindling will vary from campsite to campsite, so we now come prepared with our own homemade fire starters. These little gems will light every time, and make starting a fire quick, easy, and free of frustration. They are safe to carry, environmentally friendly (a great way to recycle otherwise-wasted products), and non-toxic.

My recycled campfire starters are made with a few simple items you can easily find around the house. The container is made from a paper egg carton (don’t use foam or plastic) which has 12 perfectly-sized compartments, and which happens to be easy to light. The container is stuffed with dryer lint, which burns very easily and for a long time when packed tightly. Finally, I add some long-burning “fuel” in the form of either petroleum jelly or — believe it or not — old melted crayons.

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