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Lifestyle: Relationship Advice for Women from Men

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When a girl needs a bit of advice about men, where does she normally turn? Other girls, of course, but then, that’s a bit like asking your doctor to fix your car. Your doctor may well know a lot about cars and be more than able to give you some sound advice, but wouldn’t it be easier to talk to a mechanic? It occurred to us that, if we wanted some relationship tips on how women should deal with men, then we should ask some men and these are ten of the tips that they gave us:

1. Guys can be just good friends

Forget whatever else you’ve heard. It is perfectly possible for a man to be just friends with a girl. In fact, a man can be best buddies with a member of the opposite gender and it can still be purely a platonic friendship, so don’t drive yourself crazy, every time your guy talks to another girl.

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