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How much longer are your willing to go without having TOTAL Confidence in your preparedness plans?​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Are you feeling frustrated when it comes to building your "bullet-proof" survival plan and your struggles with being fully prepared for every possibility or for a worst case scenario

Are you feeling anxious, worried... even stressed out about your progress? 

What if I told you most people who have already read this letter that you're reading now are learning what it takes to become better prepared than all others around them and embracing what it really means to live a worry-free lifestyle... 

...simply by leveraging the power of a revolutionary new tool that allows them to focus on achieving the level of preparedness they desire. 

It's a very unique approach to prepping that's turning struggling soon to be victims into "tough as nails" battle-ready preppers

These average-looking moms, dads, neighbors and even school teachers are anything but average!

They are going to have a distinct advantage over everyone, maybe even you... they have the ability to survive in the toughest situations and you can too!   All you need to do is to learn how to use the simple strategy that I'm about to share with you!

Listen, I get it if this is starting to sound too good to be true. And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical... 
Let me just ask you this: 

Would learning more about this new method of getting prepared interest you if I virtually guaranteed it would save you months, if not years of continued fear, stress, panic, and constant worry? 

If you said “yes,” then keep reading and you'll see exactly how they're making it happen, and how you can too! 

PLUS: I'll even reveal the REAL reason why some of the more popular emergency preparedness techniques leave you worse off than when you found them. 

It's a reason very few "experts" talk about... yet it's one that every serious prepper must be aware of to succeed.

Just a word of warning:
The Odds Are Against You Unless
​​​​​​​You Really Get This!
I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the numbers don't lie

Are you aware that 2-3 natural disasters occur every month in the United States alone?  Or that...

...over 320 million Americans are NOT prepared to face any type of disaster?

And as frightening as it may sound, over 90% of Americans would have to beg, borrow, or steal just to survive a disaster lasting more than 7 days. 

Those numbers do not bode well for you...and you absolutely need an advantage; a way of approaching things that helps you avoid becoming just another number inside a nightmarish statistic... 
...then I share this vital information with my readers so that they can experience the same advantages in their lives that I enjoy in mine.  

However, not too long ago, I was in your shoes.  Believe me, I was light years away from knowing how to prepare for natural disasters. But now, I can show you how to save a ton of time and effort while building your preparedness plan.
What you're about to read is raw and unfiltered; it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, as you may have expected. It is safe for work, but it's uncensored in the honesty department.

I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but I do believe the lessons I’ve learned along the way will save you months, if not years of mind-numbing, hair-pulling aggravation, frustration and uncertainty...

...and as we both know, the honest truth is something you can't afford to live without with what's at stake. 

I learned how to prepare the hard way, living in Florida through some of the worst hurricanes, I've been witness, first hand, to the destruction and the damage that mother nature can unleash without much warning.  

In the bad ones, I didn’t know if my family was going to survive the night or not, and the aftermath was even worse; people were walking through knee deep debris looking for anything salvageable.  

Lines for basic supplies were a mile long even though the shelves were emptied days before.  It still surprises me how many people STILL wait to get prepared even when they know that trouble is on the way.

It wasn’t long after the first one that I decided you needed to have a plan in place if you wanted to continue to live without worry or fear, especially in the sunny state of Florida.
That was how I started...and now?  The life I'm living is worry-free, stress-free and best of all, it’s struggle-free,  when it comes to being fully prepared for whatever life has to throw at me. 

But it didn’t really turn around for me until I discovered and started using what I'm sharing with you today... 

So, Let’s Be Honest…

This Is What You Really Want & What You Really Need to Get Right
You need to be fully self-sufficient in every way, so that you can stare directly in the face of danger without worry or stress knowing that you got this!

And if you're anything like me, you want to do ALL of this... 

• With the skill of a battle-hardened soldier... 
• Easier, faster, and more effectively than you thought possible... 
• Without spending your life savings on gear that you'll never use... 
• At your own leisure; on your own schedule... 
• And all without fear of failing or being caught off-guard... 

However, The Stakes Are Higher Than You Think 

Now, because I've already learned how to build a reliable emergency preparedness plan, I am beyond confident that the tip I'll share today will give you new insight and unprecedented success when it comes to learning everything you need to know about getting prepared... 

...and by taking action today, you can begin building the best prepper plan for you and your family as well.

However, just know this: there are serious - truly devastating - consequences for standing idly by besides just remaining stuck in the rut you're in... 

by doing nothing, you will increase your odds of dying when disaster strikes. 

Now, that's not even the worst-case scenario, but we've both seen it happen more than I care to remember, haven't we? 

Now, the worst case scenario is that you have to witness your family and loved ones dying before your eyes knowing that you could have done something about it when you had the chance.

And since neither of us wants that to happen to you, let's get you headed in the right direction...
Why You Should Listen To Me
In case you don't know me already, my name is George Shepherd

I am the creator of the Survivalist Magazine one of the world's most respected survival publications!  Along with over 98 other prepper resources.

As such, one of my primary objectives has been to cut through the noise and acquire the most valuable survival and preparedness techniques... 
Let me ask you something:
What Would Your Life Look Like If I Could Help You Get Better Prepared? 
Would you experience less stress, worry, and fear, greater confidence in your abilities, or even sharing what you learn with others you hold near and dear to your heart? 

These are goals realized by so many of my prepper pals and readers... and I want the same for you too!

I truly believe that by following my advice, you can become better prepared than ever before and develop a level of self-reliance you never thought possible. 

I say that with quite a bit of confidence because I can; thousands of men and women just like you are taking the proven strategies I’ve shared with them and developing them into the right preparedness plan, without wasting precious time. 
And by their own words, they owe much of their success to the new approach I'll cover today. 

First, make sure you AVOID these 3 common lies and myths!

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to learning survival skills and putting together a family emergency plan. 

For starters, you may believe you have to buy ALL your preparedness gear in a single shopping trip. 

It's a myth that I call Hoarder Homesteading, and I used to buy into that lie myself.
However, the truth is you should NEVER buy all your gear at once, or even from the same store. I go more into this and the terrible repercussions of failing to heed this warning in the Ultimate Prepper Checklist which you're about to get for FREE.

You can take this one to the bank! 

Another common myth in the prepper community is really a deal-breaker. You may fall victim to "Survival Shelter Syndrome"

Survival Shelter Syndrome is when you’re pressured into believing that a building or buying a survival shelter and stockpiling it with surplus supplies is all you'll need... 

...however, the truth is that you are more likely to find the need to "Bug Out" when TSHTF leaving all your preps and planning behind... not to mention that most preppers cannot even afford the expense of adding a shelter to their property. 

So how did all this misinformation get around?  Some believe it's all thanks to the media and reality survival tv...
...while I lean toward thinking it's shady "Fake Preppers" and advertisers at the root of it all. 

Regardless, there is one universal truth when it comes to prepping...and it just so happens to be... 
What's Truly Holding You Back
If you want to know what's really holding you back from learning the recommended prepper skills, it's this...

Prepper Procrastination! 

Thankfully, Prepper Procrastination is a curable condition.  It occurs most often in people who have recently developed a desire to become better prepared.

As they research information from unreliable sources, they become overwhelmed with misinformation, which results in the prepper plan being delayed indefinitely in a perpetual state of "Analysis Paralysis." 

Or worse... if a disaster doesn't happen over the first few months of prepping, the Prepper Procrastinator will be lured into a false sense of security and put off getting their plan, skills and tools together, falsely believing that since nothing has happened yet, they still have plenty of time.​​​​​​​

Imagine it like this: Prepper Procrastination is like attempting to grow a garden without fertile soil. The seeds can be watched, watered, and fertilized, but it will not produce anything to harvest; the same can be said about a prepper without a reliable resource for putting together a family emergency plan.

Of course, the savvy prepper knows that it is possible to grow a sustainable food source without soil, over a dozen ways  to hunt, forage and find food without a firearm or even 25 ways how to purify even the most dirty water sources...

Don't worry, if you're not in the know yet, you'll get the chance to learn about all this in a moment... but the average person has no clue what to do in these 3 critical situations... thankfully, you're about to have access to a resource to solve that issue and so much more
The Effects Of Prepper Procrastination Are Often Very Serious... 

Prepper Procrastination can lead to far worse problems than wasting valuable time. 

For example, it can lead to concerns like NOT being completely unprepared or having your skills and gear ready when the next disaster strikes... 

...and this can be a serious problem because your odds of surviving will be drastically reduced

It can also lead to inexperience with emergency gear ...and this is a far more serious concern than most people realize, as your life may be at greater risk when using gear incorrectly.
This may all sound bleak but believe me: there's a proven path to where you want to be. Just keep reading... 
The Early Warning Signs Of Prepper Procrastination
So what triggers Prepper Procrastination? Are there red flags you should pay attention to? And how can you spot them before it happens again? 

For starters, you need to pay attention to Idle Inactivity. When this happens, Prepper Procrastination is often just around the corner. 

Fortunately, I have a way around it. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself and practice the prepping skills and strategies you learn from me on a regular basis.

You can simply pick one of our skills tracks and study them each day, making it easy to understand and digest without being overwhelmed!

Here's another way Prepper Procrastination is triggered, I call this "Junk Justifications."
This one can sneak up on you, but here's my no-nonsense way of handling it... Simply stop making excuses to justify why you CAN’T get it done and start finding reasons you SHOULD get it done. 

As helpful as these tips may be, they are not the ultimate solution that will once and for all end your struggles and start getting prepped fast. However, to convey the impact and power this can bring into your life, I need to let you in on the backstory. 

This is what laid the foundation that led me to discover a permanent solution to Prepper Procrastination and a path to becoming as well-prepared as humanly possible, and it made all the difference in the world...
A Tip I Picked Up Along The Journey That Changed My Life Forever 

One of the secrets to my success in prepping is being able to leverage the power of role models. I learned over the years to be very selective. And even more important: I learned to spot consistent patterns

It's great when something works for one or two people; that may help you in the short term. However, I decided to become a "pattern spy." I wanted to see if the most successful preppers and military training had traits in common. That way I could discount factors like experience, luck, and natural gifts. 

One of my favorite stories involves TV survivalist, Les Stroud. Let me share why and see if you can spot the pattern I did that led to the level of success he currently enjoys.
Les has always lived a self-reliant lifestyle. Les worked in media upon graduating college in London, Ontario. He got his start in the wilderness as a canoe guide in the wilds of Northern Ontario. ​​​​​​​

Eventually Les used his combined media and self-reliant skills to pioneer survival documentaries for the Discovery Channel. Les produces the documentaries himself, and shares survival skills in an unscripted environment
Because Les has NO BACKUP crew filming him like the other guys do, he is truly in a survival situation on his own every time.  There are a few key factors that I've noticed that not just Les but other outdoor enthusiasts use to minimize the danger when going it alone...

1) They review the topography of the region before dropping in.
2) They understand the climate and weather patters to be prepared for mother nature.
3) They pack light - only bringing what they can carry comfortably, and leverage multi-purpose gear.
4) They have "PRACTICED" skills for purifying water, making shelter, finding food and navigating.

These are just a few of the over 32 skills necessary to master any survival situation.
What's Behind This Success...And How You Can Replicate It?
You hear stories like that of Les Stroud and you may be tempted to think to yourself, "Yeah, it's easy... I can do that too." 

Is that true? Not at all.
Here's the truth: Les goes out there by himself and it's only because of his extensive study and training that he comes out alive each time. He uses real skills and strategies to overcome obstacles in some of the harshest environments on Earth. 

And have you ever said this to yourself?

​​​​​​​"Sure, inspiring, but I'd have to spend thousands of dollars at a wilderness survival school to learn those skills and pull it off." 

You know, I used to think the same thing... 

Realistically, you’d be surprised at how much you can learn without ever having to take months off work and get a big fat loan in order to go out into the wild and field-test your survival school training.

And what's even more shocking is that with the right delivery/training system, you can learn these same skill online without your neighbors, coworkers or even your spouse knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to be the "real deal" when it counts.

Truth be told... you'll probably only need to use less than 10% of your survival training to get out of a difficult, even deadly situation...  the key is knowing what skills constitute the 10% that you NEED to know!
Why You Need to Have This Broad Array of Knowledge at Your Fingertips.
Another myth that many preppers fall for, hook line and sinker is, that in order to survive, you need to purchase expensive brand name gear. 

It sounds reasonable that you could get through nearly any tough situation with the right gear, but it's simply a myth... 

...and it may be the one thing holding you back from a solution that really works!

Why is it that some people survive in the face of extreme circumstances when others do not? 

I studied 379 professional preppers, training programs and military case studies, and this really stuck out as a quality they all shared: 

They simply had the right resources and knowledge that gave them the confidence and skills needed to survive.
Finally Discover What Actually Works 
I noticed that those who survived were consistently, day-in, and day-out, like clockwork, studying, reading and making checklists like the one that I'm giving you for FREE today, if you're ready to get your "house in order", metaphorically speaking.  

At first the idea of a checklist slipped right by me... to be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy prepper myself until I started role-modeling other folks who had this process down. 

And once I began creating the Ultimate Prepper Checklist, I never looked back.

Within about 2 months or so, my entire outlook on prepping had changed, and the confidence I once struggled to find, had finally found me. 

This experience left me with this 1 powerful truth

If you truly wish to succeed at being fully prepared and confident, you must leverage the power of "The Ultimate Prepper Checklist."
When I finally shared a copy of the Ultimate Prepper Checklist with a small group of my closest friends and colleagues, the consensus was, "This is the answer." 

​​​​​​​When my family started using this approach, we realized that we covered all the bases of family preparedness for natural and man-made disasters... while saying good-bye to fear and Prepper Procrastination for good. 

So, what is it? 

The Ultimate Prepper Checklist is a single solution resource for anyone who has the desire to become better prepared for whatever Mother Nature or some group of lunatic humans may have up their sleeve. 

...and those lunatics can also be the people we elected to run the country, even law  enforcement which can be quite disappointing.

Let me unpack this "checklist" tool a bit further for you...

No matter if you're preparing for Urban, Suburban, Rural or Wilderness survival situations, the Ultimate Prepper Checklist is designed with you in mind.

Regardless of where you live, or how far along your preparedness plan is, this checklist will keep you on track to achieve your goals of becoming as prepared as humanly possible, quickly, conveniently, and hassle-free.
A Few Quick Tips For Getting Started
I've discovered a few tactics along the way that have helped people get started with using The Ultimate Prepper Checklist to reach their prepping goals. 

Here's my first tip: You Must Determine Your 5 Point Position. (Options Inside the Checklist)

Another game-changing tip my tribe finds helpful is M.I.C.E. (aka, how to take "Mindful" Inventory of Current Equipment).

​​​​​​​This is truly important because, you might not think you have enough or possibly any preps at the moment but let me assure you that you do. (More on that later.)
There's also another way of approaching prepping that many fall victim to, but it's not one that I recommend under any circumstance. I call it the “Bounce & Buy” approach.

This is when you bounce around the internet and buy all the newfangled gadgets the gear that supposed survival gurus shove down your throat using fear-based tactics. 

​​​​​​​In short order, you'll realize you don’t need half of what you bought and don’t know how to use the half you do need it.

You can try that if you want, but like I said, I don't find it as reliable... If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! 

​​​​​​​And your Ultimate Prepper Checklist will solve this starting from the day you begin using it.
​​​​​​​How Can You Get Your Copy of My Ultimate Prepper Checklist for FREE?
The Ultimate Prepper checklist, as solid and complete as it is, won't totally bullet-proof your preparedness plan and ensure that you'll be better prepared, living the worry and stress-free lifestyle that you deserve.
That requires one more important step

Let me share how I came up with what many preppers are now calling "the definitive system" for maximizing ANY preparedness plan.

Here's the story: 

Through all my deep research on building the Ultimate Prepper Checklist, I found that DVDs, single subject books and online articles on various self-reliance topics were all missing something critical; none of them were the "holy grail" of preparedness...  meaning that you would need a large library of these resources in order to complete your training.

As we both know, bugging out with a library in tow is just NOT AN OPTION

That’s why I developed the single best solution, designed specifically for preppers from all walks of life, that will ensure you have everything you need to be prepared for whatever concerns you may have, and all without ever having to drain your bank account, and more importantly... know EXACTLY how to them.
It does it all using a step-by-step "library" system, designed to keep you from missing a beat... and on top of that, it's a plan that every prepper who tries, finds interactive, user friendly, and easy to understand... 

Introducing the Survivalist Digital Mastermind

The Survivalist Digital Mastermind is available as part of our exclusive membership program for serious preppers, which is an online portal that hosts all the prepping resources you will ever need.

Every resource can be read online and even printed from anywhere on Earth and on ANY device instantly!

We built this ultimate survival mastermind library so that you don't need to worry about the internet or grid going down.

We incorporated articles, videos ebooks, magazines, MP3 talks and more into the training tracks to make it easily digestible, fun and most importantly a COMPLETE resource.​​​​​​​

And because it's available online instantly, this virtually fast tracks you to applying the Ultimate Prepper Checklist in a way that's stress-free, enjoyable and effective
Peek Inside Your Survivalist Digital Mastermind Membership... 
• You can attend unlimited webinars, training sessions, summits, and master-classes from home without ever having to spend a dime on air travel and expensive reservations... 

• You can listen to our short daily podcasts to gain better insight on the hot topics of the day, from any device if you have an internet connection, you can even download them whenever you have time in your schedule... 

• You can take advantage of monthly free book offers that provide more in-depth coverage on several topics of prepping, so that you never miss an opportunity to improve upon your preparedness plan... this alone is worth the ultra low investment in your survival training.

• AND there's more!
You Say: "Will A Survivalist Membership and Ultimate Prepper Checklist Work For Me?" 

So, here's the deal... I'm 100% confident that these break-through resources can work for you, even if you think you've tried just about everything there is when it comes to being fully prepared. 

Well, let me set you at ease...

During the years I spent looking for the TRUTH... 

...years studying the most successful resources, case studies and everything that I could find on the subject of survival and preparedness... 

...honing, testing, re-testing, and perfecting The Ultimate Prepper Checklist to make sure it was as flexible as it is powerful...
...finally, I hit pay dirt. 

By standing on the shoulders of those who came before us (and thanks to some of my own unique insights), you now have at your fingertips what literally hundreds of preppers hail as the best system they have ever come across when it comes to surviving "against all odds."

The unique and powerful combination of MASTERMIND and CHECKLIST can work for you to get you ready for anything when virtually nothing else will... and in record time

And it's working so consistently for other preppers like you, it's now considered by many to be "Survival Insurance" when it comes to perfecting your emergency preparedness plan once and for all. 

In a moment, you'll get a peek inside...
The Ultimate Prepper Checklist really is a veritable goldmine for emergency preparedness training & tools that can work for literally anyone... 

...even if you've never taken an emergency preparedness or survival course... 

...even if you think that you're too old to learn... 

...or even if you’ve never been camping or in the wild to develop outdoor skills before today... 

...and get this... 

...​​​​​​​Even if you've stalled out or nearly given up on your current emergency preparedness plan. The Survivalist Digital Mastermind and the Ultimate Prepper Checklist will deliver results giving you confidence knowing that you are prepared for unnecessary hardships and how to manage them while living life in a more self-reliant way – at the same time.
Finally Be Confident In Your Skills!
So, what can you expect in the way of results... and how fast can you expect to see them? 

Results come fast, beginning in as little as 24 hours as you begin to assess your current situation, you'll identify what you don't have and exactly what you need to be ready.  You'll also notice that you've developed greater confidence in yourself and your abilities by taking these first steps and following the system.

Then the real magic happens...

Over the next few weeks you will begin to experience a more self-reliant approach to life in general as you become aware of your surroundings, escape routes and in your own abilities...
...and it just keeps getting better!

In as little as a couple months...that's all... will begin to develop a Do-It-Yourself mentality for getting what you want out of life.  You'll become survival minded, creative and realize that the tools that you need to get through any jam are all around you.

That is the emergency preparedness success you absolutely deserve, and it will finally: 

==> Develop a level of self-confidence you never thought imaginable! 

==> Empower you to become as self-reliant as humanly possible! 

==> Deliver you a way to protect your friends and family when disaster or danger strikes! 

==> Powerfully guide you into building an emergency preparedness plan you can depend on! 

==> Quickly decode the world around to you to see danger before it catches you off guard!

==> Effortlessly plan best way for you to purchase only the gear that you need without breaking the bank! 

And please, don't just take my word for it... 
The Reviews Are In, And The Results Speak For Themselves 

Here are just a few of the near-countless testimonials I could share with you regarding the power of these two resources, and the consistent results it's delivers for preppers of all ages and experience levels... 

“I had no idea where to get started. The Ultimate Prepper Checklist made it very easy to assemble the gear and create an emergency preparedness plan for me and my family!” - J. White, Roanoke, VA.
“The Ultimate Prepper Checklist and Survivalist Digital Mastermind was just what I needed. I’ve been guilty of Prepper Procrastination for several months, but once I got my hands on this checklist, it all came together in a matter of weeks. I couldn’t be happier!” - P. Higgins, Colorado Springs, CO.

“If you need something to keep you on track while you’re putting together an emergency preparedness plan, The Ultimate Prepper Checklist is the best reference resource you will ever find!”  - F. Watts, Lawton, OK.

And the list goes on and on... 
Backed By My Industry-Leading "Results-Or-Else" Guarantee
Look, the truth is simple:

​​​​​​​I refuse to take a penny from you unless I can really help you gain a new level of confidence in putting together the best emergency preparedness plan for you and your family

It's only fair to you that The Ultimate Prepper Checklist and Survivalist Digital Mastermind not only meet the promises I've made... 

...I insist that it will exceed your every expectation.  

That's why they are both backed by my 90-Day Iron Clad Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, I will refund all of your money, no questions asked

It really doesn't get any fairer than that...except for this: 

Not only will you get the Ultimate Prepper Checklist FREE today as a Bonus Gift to taking action...
When you see the discounted price I'm offering you today for The Ultimate Prepper Checklist & Survivalist Membership, you may think it's a typo. 
Here's What You're Getting Today as Part of Your ​​​​​​ Survivalist Digital Mastermind Resource ​​​​​​​Library
Over 30+ of The Most COMPLETE Survival and Preparedness Training Resources Ever Assembled!
By this time... you may be wondering what access to all of these resources will cost you given the time and expense that it took to research, create and assemble them in this one-of-a-kind resource library?

If you added up the time it took to create this entire library, you would expect to spend over 3 years putting it all together!  ... (that's over 26,280 hours, just FYI.)

But who has the time for this... not to mention the skill to research and vet each resource?

You could take the 26,280 hours and hire a team of researchers, editors and graphic artists to help and spend the nearly $252,500 that it cost me to do the heavy lifting for you...

Don't worry, you're not going to pay anywhere near the $252k that it cost me, but before I shock you with the insanely low price for all this priceless knowledge, I have a few BONUSES for you!

If you added up the value of these bonuses you would spend well over $2,164.72 alone... that's not including the full value of the library and the Ultimate Prepper Checklist!
16 Printable Survival Guides
Get the latest detailed training on various areas of expertise in our easy to read niche specific PRINTABLE survival guides. 
​​​​​​​Value: $432
Survivalist Magazine Archive
Read all 28 issues of the Survivalist magazine in digital interactive edition. Print and save your favorite articles.
​​​​​​​Value: $251.72
Daily Podcasts & Archive
Stay in the know with our daily podcast "Everyday Survival."  Listen anywhere 24/7, download episodes and more.
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Access our library of expert talks from our Survival Summit.  Originally sold for $97, this alone is worth the investment!
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Exclusive Email newsletter
You'll stay in the know with updates, tips, training, reviews, gear deals and more.  Knowledge is power!
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You have two choices... and as you know in survival, making the wrong choice could be devastating.

Path One: You could spend the $252,500 that it cost me to create all these resources for you (not recommended) or...

Path Two: You could simply join today and get unlimited access to the full Survivalist Mastermind Resource Library, Ultimate Prepper Checklist, AND the $2,164.72 in bonuses for the crazy low investment of...
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An Absolute STEAL For Just $7.99 a month!  That’s only $95.88 a full year!  

Believe me: 

If I decide to sell access to The Ultimate Prepper Checklist & Survivalist Membership for what they’re truly worth– $239.64–you'd walk away with an absolutely stellar bargain. 

When you consider the time-saving benefits, plus the fact that there is not another system like it on the planet, even that price is like giving you a GIFT!  But most importantly...
What Will It Cost You If You Lose This Opportunity to Get Fully Prepped Now?
By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive The Ultimate Prepper Checklist and Survivalist Membership, and bonuses for the unheard of price of just $7.99 a month, or $95.88 annually.
This is truly a special time in history...  we truly live in remarkable, chaotic, troubled and uncertain times.

The secrets and tactics found within your Survivalist Mastermind Resource Library have roots in prepper strategies from generations ago, and you can still use them today to become better prepared for an uncertain future.

And to be frank, it took a LOT of hard work, research, trial and error, and painful lessons learned... 

...heavy lifting you no longer need to do for yourself. 

Here's why:  I've Done All The Hard Work For You 

All you need to do is ACT. That's the one thing I cannot do for you.
I wish I could, but only you have that right

And it is a right. Your right to choose.  

Your right to look your loved ones in the eye tonight and say, "I did something truly great today.” 

"Something that will benefit us all." 

"Something I believe in." 

And right now, that choice is sitting in your lap.
You can choose to continue on the path you're taking now. It's one filled with months, years, even decades of research, trial and error, and identifying obstacles and pitfalls… Of reinventing the wheel…

Losing ground… Losing time… 

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P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about The Ultimate Prepper Checklist & Survivalist Membership, I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below... 

Aside from The Ultimate Prepper Checklist, what comes with the Survivalist Membership?  

As a member you will gain access to the Member’s Only area of our resource portal, which will includes, all 30+ training tracks, survival guides, magazines, webinars, summits, master-classes, free books and weekly podcasts, just to name a few.

How will I know when something new has been added to the Membership?

Whenever we launch something new for the Member’s Only area, you will be notified via email. You can also check the website weekly for any new updates!

Do you sell emergency preparedness gear?  

Yes, we do have emergency preparedness gear that we negotiate special pricing for members. That being said, we often promote a couple products on the website and email additional offers to our members as they become available.
Do you have a physical print magazine?  

Although we did publish a physical print magazine in the past, currently all of our material is made available digitally. When possible, we also provide the opportunity to have the material printed and delivered directly to you in physical format. 

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