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Infographic: The 7 Minute Body Weight Workout

Bugout Exercises
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If you believe in living a lifestyle of preparedness, it’s important to acknowledge that this goes far beyond material goods. Of course it’s wise to have stockpiles of food, water, medical gear, and other important resources ready for an emergency, but you also need to be mentally and physically prepared for that same scenario. If you don’t have the strength and endurance to deal with adverse conditions, you’ll end up in trouble almost immediately.

As much as many of us hate to admit it, it’s necessary to work out regularly in order to maintain your physical strength, endurance, and health in general. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean driving to the gym and pumping iron for hours on end. You can play sports, hike, swim, or any number of other activities outside the home to improve in this area. But even if you can’t leave your home and you don’t own a single weight, you can get in shape through body weight workouts.

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