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How To Use Your Watch As A Compass

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The sun is essential to survival, and not just because its presence keeps the Earth from turning into a frozen wasteland. Brief interruptions of sunlight like this week’s solar eclipse remind us of how much we take it for granted in our daily lives. And in a survival scenario, the sun can be used to cook food, purify water, or even navigate to safety.

If you’re wearing a watch that doesn’t have a built-in compass, you should take some time (no pun intended) to learn how to use it as an improvised compass.

This technique requires a clear view of the sun and an analog watch. For those who wear digital watches or rely on cell phones to tell time, you can still use this technique, but it’ll require a little extra work to visualize a watch’s hands. This can be done using sticks on the ground, a pen and paper, or even mentally (if you’re really good at visualization).

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