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How to Raise Rabbits


Rabbits are something that every prepper, survivalist, homesteader should consider raising as a food source. Comparable in size to chickens, they are a renewable source of sustenance with a fairly quick reproductive cycle. If raised with chickens, they provide the owner with 2 suitable sources of renewable sustenance, both of which will convert table scraps into healthy protein in the form of meat.


Rabbit meat is very lean and considered a healthy source of protein, as is chicken. The comparable sizes of these animals make it easy to prepare a single meal for a medium sized family, with a single sacrifice. This will help cut down on waste, as well as help stem the onset of food fatigue, which can occur is all you have is a limited source of food.


Rabbits can also be raised as pets, or for their fur, which can then be used to manufacture hats, coats, mittens, and boots; clothing for the winter months when temperatures get cold. Rabbits are very timid and tend to shy away from humans until they get used to be handled. They are also one of the easiest animals to clean when it comes time to sacrifice one for a meal. This guide book walks you through the many benefits of raising rabbits for different purposes.


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