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How to Raise Pigs


When it comes to raising livestock, pigs are another animal worth considering. Pigs will reduce the amount of waste around the homestead by consuming as much of it as possible; from table scraps to lawn clippings, and everything in between, pigs are voracious eaters. They get their size from having an enormous appetite and a less than stellar metabolism.


Pigs come in a wide variety of sizes, from the small, little cute pygmy versions that some people keep as pets, to the big, round pork belly swine from which bacon is carved. All species of pig have similar characteristics, so if you’re just getting started with livestock, you might want to try your hand at raising a small pet pygmy first. This will give you some insight on what to expect, on a much larger scale, when you pick up a big pig species to raise for food.


Pork meat is considered a healthy source of protein and nourishment, which may be a concern for some preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders. Raising pigs is a little different than raising cattle, or goats, and this book walks you through what to expect from your swine from start to finish.


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