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How to Raise Chickens


Raising chickens is not just for farmers anymore. People are waking up the the benefits of living a more self-reliant lifestyle and one in which we have more control over what we put into our bodies. In “How to Raise Chickens”, you will learn all you need to know to get up a running with your own chicken coop fast and as effortlessly as possible. In this guide, you’ll learn: (see below)

1) Why You Would Want to Raise Chickens
2) The Avian Advantages for the Survivalist
3) Things You Will Need
4) Producing the Proper Plan
5) Rules & Regulations for Chicken Farmers
6) Possible Problems of Poultry Farming
7) Just the Basics for Backyard Barns

This reference guide will get you on your way to living a more sustainable lifestyle faster than you thought possible.

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