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How to Raise Cattle


Raising livestock, such as cattle, used to be a common practice among homesteaders and early settlers. These people used cattle for many of the same things we do today; for food, milk, and to tan leather for clothes and other goods. They also used cattle as draft animals when horses were scarce; to pull carts, farm equipment, and wagons full of products.


Currently, most cattle farmers operate an institution of the industrial food chain, rather than butchering their livestock for self-sustenance. Should a survival situation of epic proportions ever befall us, raising cattle for food will once again be a common trait among those fortunate enough to survive.


This guide books walks the novice rancher through the process of raising cattle, from calving to butchering, this book covers quite a bit. This book is full of the knowledge and skills you will require if you have the desire to raise cattle for any purpose, or for a multitude of purposes. If you’ve never raised cattle before, this is the book for you.


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