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How To Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

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There are many vulnerabilities in your home and your garage door may be one of the easiest to overlook.  Not only can burglars get into your garage to steal the things there, but being inside a garage attached to your house provides cover and could give the thief plenty of time to work their way into your house.

Remember that it’s not just burglaries anymore, home invasions have been on the rise and many people don’t bother to lock the interior door to their home, believing that their garage door is enough to keep intruders out.

Another important thing to realize is that the barrier walls between garage and house can simply be 2 sheets of drywall and some insulation, thus making it easy to kick a whole directly through your garage wall to gain entry into your house.  Watch this short video for an easy fix that could keep you from becoming a victim.

You can get zip ties at any hardware store, even target or the local grocery.

If you want to add an extra layer of security, especially for those who may be somewhat hard of hearing, you can get this handy door stop alarm.  It sounds a piercing alarm when an intruder attempts to gain entry through the protected door.