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How To Make Fire Cider

Fire Cider
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If you don’t know about Fire Cider, here’s your crash course. And if you do know, well, you know.

Aptly named, a swig of Fire Cider is a flaming hot punch to the stomach. Vinegar infused with hot peppers, garlic, onion, horseradish, and ginger — potent is an understatement. But, once you get past the extreme flavor profiles of the ingredient list, Fire Cider may become your go-to drink thanks to its ability to double as both a wellness elixir and a cocktail base. Win-win.

The spicy, sweet, sour drink has been trusted for generations as a traditional remedy for colds and flus and, on top of that, is said to help with digestion, boost circulation, and help ease sinus congestion.

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