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How to Hotwire Engines


There are several reasons a person might need to hotwire a car; such as misplacing keys and not wanting to hire an expensive locksmith, or maybe the ignition switch has malfunctioned. Perhaps the person is running from a threat, and survival requires emergency measures, such as “borrowing” a vehicle long enough to reach safety.

It’s really none of my business why someone might be interested in hotwiring a vehicle; however, I can tell you how to do it the right way, should you ever find yourself in need.

In this book, we take a look at the reasons a person might find it necessary to hotwire a vehicle. We also touch on the legal ramifications of taking such actions, especially with vehicles that you do not own personally. In almost all cases, once this journey has begun, the ignition switch and wiring will need to be replaced, and/or repaired.

It is important to learn to do this the right way, if for no other reason than to prevent accidents and further damage from occurring during the process.

If you work on a lot of vehicles, or if you often misplace vehicle keys, then this is the right guide for you. Make hotwiring a vehicle, quick, simple and easy with this instructive guide.

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