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How Everyday Activities Creates A Complete Workout

Snow Fitness
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ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, it’s a new year and there’s still work to be done! Yes indeed, speaking for myself here in Montana, I’ve been shoveling snow every day for the past week. Doing this helps me to do things, such as pull my vehicle out of the driveway, different structures on my property to not collapse or be buried…little things such as that. Some days it has been dumping almost a foot of snow on me, and most I see about 4 to 6 inches. What a pain! But it’s not all complaints in this department, as it serves a purpose that perhaps you, too, can “latch” onto to make your own.

I’m referring to your daily activities for use as exercise. When I shovel (I don’t like snow-blowers, and prefer the shovel…grid down, I still can remove snow), that counts as a workout. Especially if it’s between 1-2 hours per day. That’s just simple maintenance; however, I take it as a workout. You can too! This is not to say that I don’t lift weights on these days, but as a workout, my “yard work” supplements (or complements) the lifting.

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