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This guide book provides valuable insight and instruction on various types of bunkers. For the most part, bunkers are those havens that are setup to provide a temporary, or permanent, alternative to the standard shelter situation we are currently familiar with.

Essential Oils

Looking to assemble alternative remedies for your bugout bag. Learn the benefits and advantages of having essential oils in survival kits of all shapes and sizes. Readers will also discover several recipes for essential oil blends and how to assemble alternative remedies for a perfect bugout bag.

101 Secret Hiding Places

Sometimes the secret to stashing your valuables is as simple as a hollowed out book. In other cases, whatever it is you’re intending to protect may be highly confidential information that requires increased security. We will discuss various hiding places, from the simple to the complex.

Free Concealed Carry Ankle Holster!

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Get Your Concealed Weapon Out of Your Way for Driving, Working, and Maximum Mobility.  Here’s Why You Need THIS Concealed Holster:

  • Breathable, flexible, ultra-comfortable neoprene design allows you move freely without sweating and chafing underneath
  • Fits a wide range of weapon sizes, from .38 snub nose up to .45 1911 pistols
  • Retrieve your concealed weapon in 1.8 seconds with fast detaching but secure thumb-released velcro strap
  • Undetectable with loose-fitting pants
  • Won’t slide down your leg thanks to it’s unique, form-fitting, double strap design and ultra-strong, military-grade velcro
  • Ambidextrous for left or right hand draw
  • Includes an extra pouch for ammo clip, knife, or pepper spray

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