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Growth of firearms in the United States from 2019 to 2020

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If you’ve been watching the news {!firstname_fix}…t hat didn’t take long. The new Congress has already worked up some pretty nasty gun control bills. (We all knew this was coming.)

As to the odds of them getting passed, I’m really not sure but while these national bills get all the attention most of the changes to gun law come at the state level and those get people in trouble all the time.

And even if you do your research and know the details it is a constant moving target. Just in the last year over 100 laws changed in statutes, codes, and permit recognition relevant to gun laws in the 50 states.

Now, keeping track of all of that is a massive challenge. That is why I depend on quality information from a reputable source ESPECIALLY WHEN I TRAVEL and the laws change from state to state.

Click here to get access to the downloadable guide I prefer that includes all the relevant laws and statutes for all 50 states (and D.C.)

Download Book

And of course this year (2021) the laws will continue to change, but these guys got you covered as they will keep this book updated and once you have it, you can always download the latest version for free.

Remember, the laws change. I remember that just in one year they tracked 76 permit reciprocity changes alone. 76, YIKES. Download this book and make sure your intel is up to date!